#NASM 7th Edition Chapter 8-Excercise Metabolism and Bioenergetics

#NASM 7th Edition Chapter 8-Excercise Metabolism and Bioenergetics

Chapter 8 overview
o Fuel for energy metabolism
â–ª Glucose, glycogen
â–ª Free fatty acids
â–ª Amino acids
â–ª Ketone bodies
o Ventilatory threshold 1
o Ventilatory threshold 2
o Energy and mechanical work
o Description of lactic acid
o Estimating fuel contribution during work
o Myth of the fat-burning zone (updated example) o Daily energy needs
â–ª Total daily energy expenditure
â–ª Resting metabolic rate
â–ª Thermic effect of food
â–ª Energy expended during exercise

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  1. You are my teacher and don’t know it! Thank you so much for these videos. I learn better by listening and on hands training. I am not a reader. I tend to get sleepy after the first 3 minutes of reading a book. These videos make it easier for me. Thank you!

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