Neal Barnard, MD | How Foods Affect Hormones

Neal Barnard, MD | How Foods Affect Hormones

Recorded live at the Marlene Meyerson JCC, Neal Barnard, MD, discusses the science behind how foods affect our hormones—and our health. In his new book, Your Body in Balance, Dr. Barnard shares how common hormone-related conditions—like infertility, weight gain, menopausal symptoms, breast and prostate cancers, thyroid problems, and acne—can be affected by and improved by simple diet changes. Your Body in Balance is available now wherever books are sold!


  1. I am already cutting down dairy,was never a meat eater anyway but I have concern with plants .. plants have pesticides and organic ones are hella expensive

  2. im wondering what about supplement affect period? because everytime i take vitamin daily, i dont get period and being diagnosed with pcos. but when i stop vitamin, i get my period normally

  3. Definitely take B12 if you switch to a plant based diet, especially women. I also need tips on how to do this successfully, but that’s my first one.

  4. Thank you so much! this is really insightful!
    What diet recommendations would you give to those suffering from hypothalamic amenorrhea?

  5. Hey Doctor, You recommand low fat vegan diet to cure ovarian problems and other doctors recommend the ketogenic diet which is the opposite of what you described. the contradicted information is really confusing

  6. Keep up naturals in real spirit, take brown rice not white rice which derived from brown rice after losing lot of goodies. Same with all fresh stuff. At the same time without preserve. USA has much scope with gardening compared to India as it is with 7 times more land and 1/5 population; So,chances of recovery in USA more than in India. Quality of water also matters a lot. Thanks Dr.

  7. The fact that we can heal our bodies through food, is the best kept secret by the medical world. I am living proof that one can eat themselves healthy…

  8. I used to be vegetarian but I now have epilepsy and keto diet is recommended. Is there a way to stop having to eat so much animal protein? And I’m hypothyroid.

  9. On my personal observation dairy products is the culprits for my menstrual cramps.. sipping green teas for me helps a lot from my cramps👍💯

  10. How do I swallow this…? I want to become a personal chef. Would I essentially be serving a death sentence?

  11. Trying to reverse type 2 diabetes, eating low carb diet which is working so well for me. What all do we avoid to eat man🙄

  12. Just saw this and really grateful for this info.Thank you Dr. Barnard and for other dedicated doctors out there. I wish there are more of you.

  13. I had a weird hard “swollen” lymph-node in my neck for a few years and I just noticed it’s pretty much non existent now after going vegan 4 months ago

  14. Its true, if you cut out white food like white bread, w/sugar, w/rice your post menopause is much kinder to you.

  15. Has anyone bothered to see what happens to people who consume dairy and meat from cows who are fed the way their bodies are supposed to be fed, I.e. grassfed?

    A vegan diet is not and will never be optimal for humans. But not eating cheaply and unsustainably fed I.e. grain fed animals sure causes our diets to go to a 1-4 balance of omega 3s to 4s, instead of the 1-10 ratio most omnivores now eat.

    The RA, and other ptoblems are due to inflammation.
    Just like the measuarable inflammation caused in our veins when we eat sugars and grains.
    The cholesterol lining our veins is a protective response, the cholesterol comes from our own livers- not fats.

    Eat more omega 3 fats.


  16. Oh gosh over a year ago I saw a different Gyno because my cramps would wake me up in the middle of the night and I would be in tears. These cramps were far worse than birthing my child. I went plant based just to try it (not for the cramps but because I love working out and such). Well not too much later my cramps were gone! If I deviate they are tolerable cramps. I told my doctor this because she was wondering why I didn’t go back in to get other tests. I told her why. Thanks for showing the scientific evidence behind it!

  17. Thankful for your post that appeared as a suggested selection in my feed. I applaud your generosity sharing evidence that a whole-food plant-based diet offers more health benefits than all the present-day pills and procedures combined; health benefits both for disease prevention and treatment.

    My 20-year old son is agreeable and willing to try a plant based diet, as he experiences gut issues and multiple physician’s haven’t delivered results.

    My own personal dietary of by in large plant based foods and rarely consume sugar and yeast foods has delivered health results of no menopausal symptoms, which my physician advised it’s a rarity – 1% of population reported. I attest it’s my diet although as a physician she believes it’s pure luck. 🧐 Oh my goodness. 😂 Much gratitude 🙏

  18. Man I’m soooooo confused! What’s going on? Some experts say Intermittent fasting and consume fat is great and Autophagy will happen. You’ll reverse again and live healthy”…. and now watching this 🤔

  19. Doctor I want to get your book, I want to try BUT I am from the South (New Orleans) and we eat Very flavorful foods. I’m praying that the recipes in your book are delicious, Not Just Edible.
    Also if I give up meat can I at least eat seafood?

  20. I am 72 and had problems with excess facial hair for years now it’s totally out of control what causes that?

  21. Okay yes animal products are bad but he also said to keep the oils low? Why? I eat a high fat vegan diet, why is that bad? I thought the plant fats were supposed be good for you, especially for the brain.

  22. Such a good listen. Wish addressed more conditions with nutrition advice before drugs. With Dr’s like you we’re on the way.

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