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  2. hi so i have my exams tomorrow and it’s currently father’s day. my dad isn’t the most understanding, so he got mad when i said i needed to study. i’m currently having a breakdown but am watching this so i can get some information. within the first part of the video, i calmed my breathing and am now studying with this video and my notes. thank you so much, even though you might not see this. i really appreciate it (:

  3. I just got recovered from coronavirus I missed my school and I was behind from all the students. But after all the researches I found your channel I understood every bit of this video I felt so concentrated and I’m happy that I’m back with all the students on the same track .Plus I have subscribed have a good day .I wish you were my science teacher.

  4. I’m going to start a diet with this video. I will give updates on my weight, etc. after. (At least i’ll try remember– this is very helpful

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  6. I didnt like video because it is not helping us to concentrate and there is no music, means just understandalso the person is talking in his own pace and world

  7. You are better than most teachers in my school, can’t wait to get all nines because of you 🙂

  8. Thank you very much. I have my Biology exam next week, and I learnt more in this video than my actual lesson.

  9. All the haters who disliked are just salty that they don’t know all this wonderful information great job and you deserve a sub

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  11. Whoever has disliked this video has done so because they don’t understand but I think it’s just rude as this man has made an effort and because of him I got a 9 in GCSE biology so thank you sir

  12. amazing! my teacher uses the same power-points you have. but also for physics and chemistry. Any place to get them ?

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  15. Thank you so much
    I really understood every single word
    and it’s the same lesson I took in my class but really this time I can answer any question about it in the test

  16. Who’s watching this in quarantine? I watched this and got 0% on my science exam .. school pisses me off!

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