OMAD Diet: Is Eating One Meal a Day a Healthy and Safe Way to Lose Weight?

OMAD Diet: Is Eating One Meal a Day a Healthy and Safe Way to Lose Weight?

The One Meal a Day (OMAD) diet has been popular with celebrities like Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Aniston. The Doctors discuss OMADs potential pros and cons and meet a woman who lost 200 pounds on the OMAD diet after being diagnosed with uterine cancer. Cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, celebrity trainer Jorge Cruise, and nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung join to weigh in.

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  1. I have been doing it for only 3 days and I’ve been sleeping much better instead of tossing and turning most of the night and it’s much easier than I thought than eating all day long and snacking, don’t even crave the junk food

  2. Don’t you just love the way something to help somebody’s life and healthy and the person is still OK it’s not recommended by doctors

  3. Omad did wonders for me. I recommend weightlifting during the diet, though. It alerts the muscles and activating them regularly, makes people less prone to losing muscle mass. Instead of fat.

  4. it works i started during covid lost 15 pounds in 2 months and shed the final 5 at the beginning of 2021 so i lost 20 pounds total and i dont have high cholesterol anymore basically have been following omad for a year now and have maintained my weight its great! i leave the weekends more free by allowing myself two meals but i keep the portions small i do have days where i do eat a bit more to not deprive myself completely water also is a big factor its good to constantly be drinking water helps with fasting

  5. What happened to Dr Fung? I’ve followed his advice for a good while and have been very satisfied. Probably would turn to him for advice before ;the others.

  6. I quit breakfast and went to OMAD (one meal a day) and lost 15 pounds in three weeks. I couldn’t lose weight on two meals of keto intermittent fasting. I’m 71 and this was a miracle for me. I figured I was insulin resistant.

  7. The doctor on the left is kinda stupid, kinda like he was never given a turn at the table at dinner time so now hes lashing out..

  8. Bro really be assuming everyone who tries OMAD is gonna eat whatever they find on their way and not actually healthy things, lmaoooo.

  9. So far 1 week with this practice. I can see the cheek fat slowly going off. Let’s see. I need psychological support. Things do get worse in late night. I’m just eating lunch.

  10. my cholestrol did go up on omad and what shocked me what , my food had no cholestrol in them . i was eating mostly boiled chicken , veggies . no frie stuff , no steak or meat or fast food yet it increased my cholestrol to the point my doctor was like wtf are u doing

  11. Well I live with my friend we decided to do an experiment. She will eat 1500 calories and divided into 5 small meal a day like her doctor recommended. I also eat 1500 calorie but I will eat all of that within 1 hr once a day. After 1 months I lost 8kg but my friend put on 3kg.
    Note: My friend was alway hungry and feel like she’s starving. But for me I didn’t feel hungry and I also reverse my pre-diabetic.
    Conclusion: Fasting is healthy and I will eat like this for the rest of my life !!!

  12. I work 8 hours a day and only drink water or power-aid. I usually eat after work witch is at 4 pm. I do eat more on weekend with family going out and stuff. Idk if this will help me lose weight though

  13. Wow, what a terrible video. Didn’t even let Dr. Fung respond the nonsense that Dr. Kahn was spewing.

  14. TV doctors are full of shit. I’ve been doing OMAD for the past 3 months. Feel great. More energy then ever. Lost 25lbs. Just takes some discipline.

  15. OMAD isn’t a diet, its a lifestyle. It’s just how I live now. Eating is a habit of the rich.

  16. I’m trying it but I only have my ice tea and peanut butter toast every morning should I add more food or am I good???

  17. If you will eat like that for life then that will work but as soon as you increase your caloric intake , you will gain some weight. Workout and hit those weights to build muscle, which will keep you burning calories throughout your day

  18. I hope it does work. I just started today. OMAD diet. One meal a day . Currently I am very hungry but I’m resisting the urges greatly. I’ve never managed to resist the urges fully but today I have.

  19. The OMAD diet works amazing i was 198 pounds In April now I’m 169 pounds, as long as you stay productive/ Busy you really don’t get hungry until the end of the day where you sit down for you meal. I also work out twice a day at the gym and try to run 10-12 miles a week. I tried calorie counting and it was effective as well just not a fast turn around, I was losing 1-2 pounds a week, with the omad diet you can lose 5lbs a week easy.

  20. Check out Dr. Eric Berg. It is doable if you ensure you get all of your macros….vitamins and minerals.

  21. It’s a lot easier to stick to your diet plan when you know that you can have cheat meal twice a week without ruining your progress. Guys from Agoge Diet are doing a great job. Visit their website and see for yourself.

  22. I’m doing this for 3 days , I have lost 3 kilos .
    I think I’m blessed with loosing weight fast but at the same time, I’m unlucky to gain weight fast . Although I am doing this as this is also a healthy thing and I’m gonna continue.

  23. I’ve been doing Omad for ten years and my blood pressure is just fine So it everything else I’m in my late fifties and take no medication

  24. I ll try this from tomorrow(23june2021) let’s see what happens… I’m just fed up from my overweight. Please bless me to loose weight soon☹️

  25. Fasting works i started last jan 1, 2021 my weight that time is 254 lbs ..… now june 26, 2021 im at 195 lbs

  26. 1 meal a day isn’t restrictive at all though.
    Especially if you make it a big meal.
    I mean I don’t even feel hungry throughout the day because I eat one big meal around 6pm. Sometimes a snack around 1pm

    Also Wouldn’t working out cancel out the muscle loss? As long as you get enough nutrients I’d imagine.

  27. There is heaps of scientific data that shows fasting is healing and beneficial. Just like anything, there are good and not so good ways of fasting. Of course, fasting does not make $$$$ for big pharma…

  28. Summer bodies are made in winter. I am making mine, what about you? You can create training and meal plan yourself, or you can save your time and visit Agoge Diet. You chose

  29. I did OMAD for my health, and I don’t get hungry, or very little, and I put a little Himalayan salt on my tongue and I’m alright. However I don’t say all ready that much. That conventional doctors is so behind in recent research. I am so healthy, and I have so much energy. Conventional doctors don’t want us to become healthy, do they’re fighting this tooth and nail. I’m never cranky, I sleep better, I don’t have arthritic poison anymore, I can walk when I wake up – I used to get up stiff, I couldn’t walk. My knee stop hurting – I can walk in the thread mill, climb stairs with no issue. I’m very alert. After my father died of covid 19 – one if the very first cases, when we didn’t know what it was. On Christmas 2019 I got a call telling me he passed away. Two days before I thought he had a bad cold!!! I couldn’t meditate anymore, until I started OMAD. When I break my fast, I ready quality food only, because since I can only eat one meal, I am very picky. So I eat grass fed finished meat, organic everything, good cars only, and a good variety. Since my stomach shrunk, I can’t even eat a lot. But when I started burning mostly fat, I’m burning my own fat as fuel, and my cellulite is going away. In the weeks my health is so much better, and my husband Kris complimenting my legs and butt 😍😍😍 I even have a new ZEST for life!!! I don’t up one day and wanted to go hiking. HIKING ME?!!!! NO WAY!!!!!! YES, I went hiking twice in these three weeks!!! Not long, because I have asthma, but I’m living to go outside and do things.
    If not eating 6 times a day was going to kill us, how come we exist today. In the past, during the paleolithic period, we did exactly this. We went through grading and famine, and yet we survived to produce this period!!! These doctors are ABSURD, SCARED that well get better, and JEALOUS that they are NOT the ones getting all the credit. Have ANYONE you know who has an illness it disease get better by a conventional doctors, huh?!!! They ONLY maintain us sick for decades before we die. But look up ANY disease on YouTube, and search diverging live this up; "diabetes healed cured naturally" or "osteoporosis healed cured naturally" etc., and you’ll find hundreds of videos of people like you and me who have healed ourselves, it with the help of a doctor like Dr. Jason Fung, by changing our lifestyle.
    I am so grateful for doctors, nutritionists, and scientists who aren’t money hungry who post thousands of videos for FREE, and NOT selling anything, to help us get better!!!
    I am proof it works. I used to have hypoglycemia too, and thought I could never go hungry, and look at me, I lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks!!!
    This goofy and ill informed doctor with an agenda will NOT take away how good I feel overall; physically and emotionally. And you know what, it’s not starvation because I have food in the house and will eat if I become unbearably hungry, but I don’t. Starvation is when you don’t have a choice, cravings is even you do and you ignore it…

  30. What time of the day??? Should you eat this one meal 🥘 Please???
    I have a sleave stomach & can only eat little at a time?????

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