Outdoors Bootcamp Workout | Full Body Exercises | Fit How To

Outdoors Bootcamp Workout | Full Body Exercises | Fit How To

Working out in the great outdoors can be absolutely invigorating. And getting your sweat on outside is not limited to running; you can strength train at a park using benches as props. Here are five full-body exercises that feel more like play than strength training. Press play, learn the moves, then take your workout outside.

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  2. Just came back from the park. Did the routine. Add some sprints in there and you’ve got an awesome workout!

  3. Anna, I like the combo of tricep dip and hip extension. I’ve never been so much of a fan of tricep dips but adding another exercise increases the challenge. 

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  7. Aww that is a great variation on the bench ( donkey kicks ) targeting the abs, and also I like bringing in some glute work on the tricep press with a high lift /hold..Well done . More please !

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