Petco IPO Analysis | $WOOF Stock Analysis

Petco IPO Analysis | $WOOF Stock Analysis

Petco IPO analysis! Petco (Ticker symbol $WOOF) is set to IPO later this year and is currently valued at a little over $6 Billion. Let’s take a look at Petco and decide whether we might want to consider it as an investment or not.

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  1. 9’53” The net losses decreased by $310mil from 2018 to 2019, all due to the intangible assets impairment of $373mil recorded in 2018 – it’s just an accounting trick

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    *Post-Video Note:* First off, I rarely do retail store analysis videos so I apologize for any times I miss spoke in the video since my understanding of the pet industry is limited. However, I do find it fascinating that Petco has been able to thrive during the current situation. I think that it faces tough competition from Chewy, Amazon, as well as grocery stores who have implemented pet sections. Petco really needs to either go all-in on service/vet care which will be more profitable and sustainable long-term or it needs to merge with a company like Chewy. Let me know if you disagree or have any comments on what Petco should do going forward.

  3. I think Petco has really turned the corner. Chewy is great and I order dog food from them every month, but when it comes to anything that’s not food, I go to Petco.

  4. Is petco the new blockbuster?… Only people over 30 still shop here…. People know about amazon and chewy! At least the smart ones

  5. Thanks for the video… looking at call options on this… it’s finally turning a curve this week… on the way up maybe finally. Will check back.

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