Protein — The most important nutrient for health – Diet Doctor Podcast

Protein — The most important nutrient for health – Diet Doctor Podcast

Protein may be the most important nutrient for health and weight loss. In this episode, we discuss the importance and practical aspects of eating enough protein with three of our experts at Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, Adele Hite, PhD, RD, and Franziska Spritzler, RD.

0:00 Introduction to the protein podcast
1:28 Adele Hite, PhD, RD
2:26 The role of protein on a well formulated keto diet
4:23 RDA and adequate protein intake
8:28 The role of fat (and the pitfalls) on a low-carb high-fat diet
16:31 The concern of eating too much protein
19:29 The concept of optimal ketosis
25:54 Franziska Spritzler, RD
26:19 Satiety according to Franziska
30:21 Protein and fat percentages, according to Franziska
34:06 The struggle of increasing the protein intake
37:38 The role of whey protein powder
41:10 Different protein percentages in different foods
47:36 Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt
48:37 Higher protein on
51:46 First order principle of why we eat
57:01 Role of protein in healthy weight loss
1:00:04 Concerns of too much protein for longevity
1:09:06 Andreas’ experience on a higher protein diet
1:12:59 The broadening of Diet Doctor
1:21:33 Conclusion

Guidelines for protein intake on a keto diet:

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  1. You are mixing up protein intake, protein requirement and food protein content. Body builders don’t have huge protein requirement which decreases as muscle hyperplasia levels off. Muscle hypertrophy doesn’t involve in increasing number of muscle cells, but it increases number of mitochondria and glycogen storage capacity (can be doubled ).

    The quality of protein is often neglected. There are more than 20 amino acids forming functional and structural components of our body, but there are only 8 essential amino acids. The requirements of these amino acids vary and their food supply varies too. Tomatoes have very little protein but have all the essential ones.

    We are always always provided with tunnel vision even a dedicated one like this one.

  2. The body can only take on so much protein then it just spills out in the urine.
    Protein is so overrated all my friends in the medical community agree

  3. It also depends on what kind of protein you eat. If you have grass fed or all natural fed beef or eggs. You can take much as you like. Then balanced with fruit, vegetables. Moderate carb. All will balance out. America is blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ. But because of the falling of Adam and Eve, we’re under the darkness, that is the curse of sin. Because of greedy or whatever reason, food are so contaminated, so is everything in this world. That’s why Jesus came to save us. And America was founded upon Jesus Christ, raised by the hand of our Creator, to be the light, the preservation of this darkness world. Not only that, the kingdom of God came to take the land back for God Who gave us, human being, mad if n His image to take care, and have domain with. Ask at least Jesus if you are real I want to know you. Cause satan never want us to ask this question, but any others to keep us under his darkness. Love in Him Rosemary

  4. She’s not understanding ketosis. You can check to see if you are in a state of ketosis by measuring ketones. But the overall process is to make fat accessible by limiting carbs. I don’t think your body used gluconeogenesis arbitrarily. It make only what it needs, which is why you stay in a state of ketosis while eating lots of protein.

  5. Lady you have no idea how hard it is to over eat fat if you ate it from real food, believe me I’ve tried. I get so much satiety from my high fat diet I feel sick if I tried to eat more. If I want to be able to eat more food I would eat leaner protein, if I want to get full quickly I would eat high fat food. You’ve got it the wrong way around. Of course if you throw carbs in the mix and spike your insulin you’ll want to eat even more.
    That example with the cows is ridiculous, those cows in the studies is probably eating grains not their natural grass fed diet. Cows don’t naturally eat protein, they eat grass which they ferment into fatty acids by microbes and where microbial protein is produced so of course if you feed them protein they’ve met their nutritional dietary requirements hence they will eat less feed.
    It’s really poor science when you compare a plant eating animal that produces their own fatty acids and proteins to humans. As everyone is well aware of in humans there are essential amino acids and fatty acids, they are called essential because we can’t make it ourselves.

  6. "Protein, the food group you get more then enough of when you take enough calories – yet everybody panicks"

    Focus on fiber, most people get too little.

  7. I’m not sure if this was mentioned but, measuring protein to be take by weight seem to be a mess for most people.
    Because different pieces of meat have different protein amount, right?
    How much graus of protein should mean isolamento protein, not the weight of the meat, right?

  8. The body doesn’t quantify caloric content. High polymers are not soluble and so cannot stimulate receptors and be absorbed as such.

    Before it’s jobs ( partial digestion of proteins ) being done, the stomach doesn’t empty itself. If you don’t chew your food into small pieces, you can’t swallow it, you choke if you try.

    Cold foods and drinks are chilling the stomach, shrink the blood vessels and thus affect digestion. Fats coat the food particals preventing digestion. Food without enough water stick together and impaires mixing and digestion.

    Without enough acid the protease is not in the proper ionization and confirmation to act as an enzyme. Food in large amount, of alkaline nature, having high buffering capacity will delay digestion and gastric emptying. Large amount of food leave the stomach little or no wiggling room, impairing churning and causing reflux.

  9. they make it all seem so complicated. they’re overthinking it. how much steak and eggs can you eat? that’s all you need. eat as much as you can.

  10. Thank you. This made so much way more clear for me. I can now plot a course forward confidently. I discovered on my own that I need higher protein. I exercise a lot, and include some weight lifting. I am 73 years old and am very interested in health span.

  11. I think the term Ketovore should be put into more use, and that it represents the ideal diet for most people. Carnivore may be healthier (for many people), but it is too difficult to maintain. Ketogenic often does not have enough protein, and often isn’t enough for weight loss. Ketovore is a Ketogenic diet with a heavy leaning towards Carnivore. It is easy to maintain, and it is healthy and effective. Combined with intermittent fasting, it is an ideal lifestyle choice.

  12. Are you kidding me! Did she say fat is an empty calorie. She would need to say that with the smirk on her face. Then why the ___ is it called ESSENTIAL fatty acids. She makes sense about ever 20 words. I can’t watch any more. Fat nor protein is better than the other. They are both essential…period. We need essential fatty acids in our bodies to metabolize vitamins, and prevent disease. You are being irresponsible Ms. A diet of healthy higher fat includes fatty wild caught fish, grass fed and finished meats, eggs, and dairy, olives, olive oils, avocado, avocado oils, coconut oil, almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc, These provide essential nutrients to the human body, including protein. Eaten with 5-7 cups of green leafy veggies a day, two cups of cruciferous veggies, string beans, tomatoes, or peppers, etc, you have a healthy ketogenic diet that will get the body healthy, stabilize your blood sugar, reverse diabetes, allow the body to become more insulin sensitive, and reverse a fatty liver, especially when intermittent fasting is added. And by the way, she looks vitamin deficient, and her adrenals are struggling to function! ~slams the door and leaves~

  13. love love love the input, i had the natural tendency to eat more meat on keto but read everywhere that it will spike my insulin and so on!!

  14. how do you get enough protein on a keto type of eating for body building. whey protein isolate I read that it spikes insulin which could throw you out of ketosis so how do you get enough protein

  15. Yes but too much protein in your diet can reduce kidney function faster as you get older . So people should not overdo protein .
    Radical diets in any direction are risky . A balanced meal that is not over eating is the way to go .

  16. It was the most productive hour and half. I’ve gained lots of informations and cleaned the whole house. 🙏🏾

  17. Can you tell me if there is a good website that can give me an accurate calorie and macros for me to lose weight on Keto? I am 56 years old and I don’t think I can eat as much as a younger person. I am stalling and don’t know if it is hormones. People tell me I need to eat more and build muscle with weights. Can veggies/salad make a person stall?

  18. Hi, I’m a 67 yo man. Weigh about 195lbs so should I be eating around 200 grams of protein ? If I have an eating window of say 6-8 hours that’s a lot of eating any advice and examples. Thanks great interview.

  19. They do not know how the body makes protein….they rambled for ten minutes to say nothing….egomaniacs who love to make videos….no data no substance pure speculation…the answer to diet and balance can be explained in 60 seconds….when eating a balanced vegetarian diet the body makes perfect protein building mass you cannot build protein without carbohydrate the human body is a carbohydrate protein comes from carbohydrate…few people eat a perfect balanced vegetarian diet…

  20. Eating according to Dr. Ted’s formula of 1gr/lb of "ideal" body weight is pretty tough. I get so full eating like this that it’s sometimes uncomfortable. My options are adding in breakfast, which I have not eaten in trying to follow a 16:8 or 18:6 TRF eating pattern, or adding in some higher protein snacks like a Quest bar as a snack. Even dinner is a struggle because if I’ve eaten even 50% of my protein, thats another 50% that I should try to get but we’re often told "don’t eat if you’re not hungry".

  21. You said we have to be much more exact with our definitions here. And I agree. But I don’t think you followed your own rules here.. My understanding is technically a Keto diet model is 75% plus fat.. 15-20% protein, preferably less than 20%.. And 5-8% carbohydrates.. To eat more than 0.8 grams per kilogram of body fat.. And as recommended double that 0.8.. To 1.6 grams per kilograms of body fat are going to drive up you calorie intake way too high. I truly don’t believe that is great advice. Not to mention the conversion of protein to sugar as you spoke of.. None of that is Ketogenic.. And it can increasing blood uric nitrogen blood levels.. And increasing mTor and cancer increases as we age. So I question the idea this is really good Ketogenic diet advice..So if you are a 200 pound man. Looking to do a Ketogenic diet.. That’s 91 kilograms. So at 20% less protein and the 1.6 per kilogram makes your intake 145 grams a day. That’s 580 calories.. And at 20% max on a Ketogenic diet that’s 1/5 of calories.. That takes you to around 2900 calories a day for that 200 pound man. Unless he’s very active to offset that many calories he isn’t going to loose weight.. I question the math in this recommendation..

  22. Funny how not many people talk about eating living foods…
    Are we seem to hear about is protein and low carbs.
    We need living foods (and enzymes) that actually contribute to life

  23. I wish someone would discuss protein and IGF-1 levels which I don’t want to increase as I’ve read their implicated in cancer.

  24. on a protein diet. I soon discovered how quickly I became satiated on so little and for so much longer than on carbs. with carbs, it’s shoveling it in until indigestion is reached. I was told to get a block of hard cheese and eat as much as I wanted. I sat at the table hungry and was surprised at how quickly my body told me enough was enough. I was full. still love carbs but only on weekends.

  25. In other-words, ketones are the exhaust gases, or waste, or whatever, from the burning of better fuel

  26. So just ideally get plenty of protein and vegetables I assume, and then you can have some fat and then some carbs but ideally not much? And then rarely sugar

  27. I’ve made a very simple Excel spreadsheet in which you enter your ideal weight in stones & pounds or pounds-only or kilos and it converts to KG if necessary then uses a 1.6x to 2.0x multiplier to calculate the amount of protein that you require daily … then you enter the amount of carbs in grams and how many calories you want to allow yourself and the spreadsheet simply adds the total calories for the protein that was calculated and the calories for any carbs you’ve entered and it automatically works out and tells you how much fat you need to incorporate in order to reach the calorie level that you set …

    Example: If your ideal weight is 16 stones ( 102kg / 224lbs ) then ( with a 1.6x multiplier ) you need approx 163g of protein ( 653cal ) then if you allow yourself 30g of carbs ( 120cal ) the amount of fat needed to bring the calorie total up to 2,000 would be 136g ( 1,227cal ) … or to 1,500 calories – 81g ( 727cal ) … or to 1,000 calories total – 25g ( 227cal )

    I reckon it gives a good starting point that can be customised and tweaked to suit individual requirements.

  28. Do so many people eat whey protein just by itself? I only ever used it with high nutrient foods in a shake like greens, blueberries and chia seeds.

  29. Great.i am carnivore 2yrs.i agree.lots of carnivore old timers only eat lean steaks,others believe the fat myth.i can’t stand the fat caps or fatty cuts of steaks.i have an issue daily loose stools.and got hives.never before zero carb carnivore. I don’t use salt or supplements. The high fat is a myth.

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