Rebounder for Weight Loss Workout: BeFiT Trainer Open House- Lauren Roxburgh

Rebounder for Weight Loss Workout: BeFiT Trainer Open House- Lauren Roxburgh

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Rebounder for Weight Loss Workout from BeFiT Trainer Open House with Lauren Roxburgh is a 10 minute fat-burning workout that uses a unique series of bouncing exercises on a rebounder to activate your entire body, strengthen the core, build bone density, increase balance and open the lymphatic system to flush toxins! Blast away cellulite, improve alignment and ring out the organs with A-list Trainer, Body Alignment Expert, Author and Fascia & movement Healer, Lauren Roxburgh in this stress-reducing segment from the all new installment of the popular BeFiT Trainer Open House Series! Bounce away the stress and release negative energy with these result-driven exercises including jumping jacks, running man, leg crosses, side to sides, torso twists, side bends and more that according to NASA, can potentially burn fat 50% more efficiently than running. Boost metabolism as you elongate the spine, strengthen the quads and engage the hamstrings, shoulders, arms, chest, abs, shins, back, hips, obliques and glutes as you oxygenate blood flow to increase circulation and bring awareness to your entire body. Take this fun workout with you anywhere to sculpt lean definition, relieve anxiety and achieve a healthier, more athletic performance. You will need a rebounder, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this specially- formulated workout that can be modified to fit all skill levels by adjusting reps, form and rest periods. Get the results you are looking for with one of the best trainers in the business. Tune in to the BeFiT Channel weekdays for newly uploaded fitness videos featuring your favorite trainers. Click here for another workout like this one:

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  1. Lost 8 pounds in just 2 weeks by doing this everyday! Didn’t even change my eating except no sweets during the week. I eat fast food lol

  2. Can anyone help with what bungee strength she might be using for this workout? I’m 125 lbs. and think my rebounder (not a Bellacon) might be too stiff for me.

  3. Yes this was a good workout. The bellicon has all my muscles feeling it. Plus I used the light hand weights. It’s deceptive.

  4. Love this workout! I’ve used it for many months now, it’s my go to get going and feeling good. Thank you Lauren!!!

  5. Hi
    I’m just worried regarding too much cardio which make your body release the stress hormone “cortisol” which in return can affect us to lose weight please can you explain if I m wrong
    I’ve heard the HIT workout is better because we can rest our bodies for short times is that correct

  6. I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google). But Im not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried this popular diet plan?

  7. Anybody know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear many people lost a ton of weight with Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  8. And I thought rebounding was easy until I tried this workout. This killed me by minute 3!!😂 I’m determined to kill this workout in a few weeks time.

  9. I know this video was posted years ago, as a mother, this exercise is great for someone who is lacked me-time. I may not sweat that much and not very challenging for me but it is good enough. So, thank you. I hope there’s another video like this.

  10. Lauren, I’m a guy who was following-along in your video. My family-members got a good laugh when we got to the ballerina part @ 6:19. 😁

  11. Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear most people lost crazy amounts of weight with Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  12. I’ve been doing this routine pretty much everyday for over a year now, (it’s the only one that I really enjoy),do you have an intermediate video that you could share please?

  13. Hope this isn’t seen as a silly question but could anyone tell me if I would get the same benefits using my kids outdoor trampoline? Thanks 😀

  14. Great workout, thank you! The only thing that’s a bummer is that ads come up in the middle of the workout so I had to scramble to grab the remote to skip them.

  15. Whew. A couple minutes in and I was wiped out and could only do the gentle bounce. It’s January, so it’s my plan that by the end of the year I will be able to do all the moves and keep pace with the video.

  16. Diet Plan known as Custokebon Secrets kept showing up here on a lot of youtube videos and I thought they were scams. However after my mate follow it, and finally lost lots of weight with it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. Don’t take my word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine.

  17. I am back after a year and this is my go to it does tone everything
    I lost my rebounder and had to save some money up again I use this for two years and went from a size 18 down to a size 8 when my spring tramp broke I said I would wait for the money to get a Bellicon and I am back and loving it

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