1. I have the same identical problem, however I am not able to find who or where to order the part from. Any suggestions its a New Balance Recumbent Bike?
    Thank you

  2. Just off the topic… I’m here out in Manitoba. In the mechanical maintenance field as well. I watched and took note of your plug replacement on the 5.4, Did the same shit you did. Nadda one broken and runs like a top. We are watching… And thanks for the tutitorial… And I quote. " It’s fuckin beer time." Thanks man…


  3. Just an off-topic comment: I’m a welder – and those are some of the WORST welds I’ve seen (the ones on the white frame around the 2:02 mark of the video). This is a professionally-built product!? Wow… Whoever welded that unit had NO idea what the hell they were doing. So if the company can’t find a proper welder to do that part, how much knowledge (of anything) do the rest of the people have who built the rest of it?

    Poor POOR workmanship brother.

  4. Designed to fail by to buy replacements parts to make money or buy another one. Like cars, like appliances etc. etc.

  5. Hello there, thank you for your video, I have the same problem that you did, could you tell me were from did you order the gear box please?

  6. Hi, I have a Bodybreak 828 recumbent bike.  The teeth on drive gear is stripped just like you show. The gear box and gear set up looks just like in your video.  I can’t find any source for the gear or gear box.  Can you help me?  Thanks

  7. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to post. It might be some help to me even though my recumbent magnetic bike is a "Bodyfit" from Sports Authority, Model EXC-917, different from yours. But, hey, the magnetic bikes probably operate much the same across brands. You gave me a look inside the wheel without me having to take off the pedal and shield. I think I probably might have learned a lot. I’ve got the same problem of slippage. I’ll be pedaling at my pathetically low resistance level, and then, even that resistance will suddenly drop out, my feet shoot into double-time, and I’m pedaling with zero resistance. It feels like my wild imagination tells me it would feel to pedal the Hawthorne, shiny purple, one-speed bike of my childhood and teens, up on blocks.  

    Resistance level on my recumbent bike is governed by a palm-sized dial with grips that, when twisted clockwise, takes you up, low to high, settling in a notch (it feels like) for each resistance level. I thought maybe it was the contacts in the dial, because I get a temporary fix when I bear down and, pressing on it, twist the dial back and forth. That usually gives me around a minute of my preferred five year old emaciated-girl-coming-off-the-flu resistance.  

    I have no excuse that doesn’t make me discuss my medical history, like some 75-year-old old coot, which I deplore. So I’ll just say I’m 75 (yeah) with an L3/L4 spinal stenosis, so my goal isn’t the legs of steel I had when I played defensive tackle in college, it’s to keep on walking for as long as possible. Weak legs from lack of exercise had lots to do with my father’s death in 2015. Him being a hundred years old might have contributed, too.

    If what I described rings any bells for you and you have any tips or suggestions—same for or any other bike gurus tuning in—I’d find some way to repay you. I probably can’t get away with promising to name my next child after you. My natural humility and introverted nature makes me reluctant to mention this. I have to if I’m going to make the offer that follows it to anyone who can help me fix the bike. My offer is a signed hardback of my most commercially successful novel. That would be worth a sandwich from a dumpster to many folks if I didn’t add that sixteen of my novels have been published by Doubleday, St. Martins Press and others. In the weird facts department, I’m probably the only writer to be published by both PLAYBOY and GOOD HOUSEKEEPING MAGAZINE.  

    For the record, I respect anyone who perseveres in writing a novel, whether it is ever published or not. There are a legion of such good, often-talented people who, after their novel has been rejected by all such publishers, pay a couple hundred bucks to have it digitally formatted, listed and artfully presented on Amazon’s book-selling site as an eBook or print-on-demand paperback. There, it will be mixed in with novels by pros. I read quite some time ago that 75 percent and counting of the novels advertised on Barnes and Noble and Amazon are self-published. I’m sympathetic with people who go through the ordeal of rejection all around. It feels awful, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. 

    When that happens, my advice, for what it’s worth is this: The few examples of people who became publisher-published authors that way don’t change that the odds compare to those of winning the lottery. For nearly everyone who self-publishes, a handful of people beyond their friends and relatives will by the book and the end of that road is another humiliating rejection. Far better to write another novel and get a true friend who reads a lot to read your manuscript and be merciless in making suggestions. Do not allow yourself to reject ANY suggestion until you’ve rewritten the scene as they suggest. ONLY then can you know if the advice was good or not. I have done that every time from my first published novel to the present time. That is by far your best chance of ending the frustration. As everyone who tries knows, the odds of selling your novel are also very slim, but, hey, if it were easy, success wouldn’t mean very much.

    So here’s my offer: Massively grateful to whoever among you might help me fix my magnetic bike, I would send you a signed, first edition hardcover of my most successful novel, "Rulers of Darkness," the first in a trilogy. Or, if you’d prefer not to have a copy some guy scribbled on, I could send you an unsigned one. It’s about the (fictional) deadly superhuman reality behind the vampire myths. I call these predators Hemophages. If you saw the movie "Ultraviolet," which uses the term, my novel "Rulers of Darkness" was published several years BEFORE Hollywood either came up with the term on their own or ripped it off for "Ultraviolet." So. Hmmph. It’s probably legal and I’m not litigious, so I made no stink, just growled into my Wheaties for a few mornings. My ‘phages are a genetic anomaly natural selection has mindlessly thrown into the mix. Their survival depends on them "thinning the herd," now that we peeps are pushing eight billion mostly won’t-be-missed specimens. The Blood-eaters pop up in the classic low ratio of predator to prey. It’s not the first time in history we reg’lar human beans have been the prey. Think "Saber Tooth Tiger," whose bones of a good specimen were recently unearthed, then add "Short-faced bear" et al. We drove these formidable creatures to extinction and, in my novel, hemophages come along to fill that gap. They are not so much murderers as very long-lived and physically dominating leopards in human form who are only following the nature that—erm—Nature gave them. The novel’s good guy is an 1100-year-old hemophage who looks around 30, whose human conscience compelled him to stop killing. Instead, he hunts down and "retires" his own kind.  

    I guess that’s enough to either interest you or make you throw up in your mouth. If you still think I posted this to pimp my novels, well, I feel sorry for. . . myself. It simply isn’t true, okay?

    The entire focus of my life right now is fixing my recumbent bike so I can (in my dreams) top my father’s 100 years by not falling down every other day like he did as I (with luck) keep getting older. The novel just popped up in my mind as a possible inducement to whoever can help me fix the dang contraption. I’d buy a new bike, but one of the sadly few things I’ve learned for sure in my 75 years is that, for some time now, newer isn’t better. The reason: people who hire other people to make their products for sale are afflicted with the money virus. This isn’t true of all producers of goods. But too many, and more all the time, get infected. They live only to pay workers as little as possible, hire as few as possible and just generally squeeze every penny out of whatever they’re selling. They do this so they and their stockholders can get that little rush of profit that drives the addiction. Another obvious way to get that profit is to make a cheaper whatever-it-is and go on asking the same price as back when it didn’t fall apart in six months. It’s too bad, but what can ya do?

    If reading fiction isn’t your thing, I’ll think of something else. I did write one non-fiction book on the wisdom of Spongebob Squarepants. Now, I don’t want to take away the pleasure and honor of anyone who wants to help me from the goodness of their hearts, not because I—whoopee—gave them a book. If you want to give me the advice free, you can just tell me you don’t want my novel. I won’t be hurt, I’ll be greatly heartened that such people are still breathing Earth’s air. But it would give me great pleasure to give you or anyone else something of symbolic value, so either way, game on!  

    Mr. Bullshitkorner, I gotta say, I really like how you talk, a great signal to noise ratio, and both funny and down-to-business—rare skills to find combined in one person. So, keep on truckin.’ You or another good samaritan can just post here, dropping my Youtube name, which riffs off a Beatles song, and we’ll go from there to figure out how to get in touch. Or you can google the novel’s title and find your way to mein "Veb—how you say—cite."  

    Over and out.

  8. Good job repairing your exercise bike, identifying and demonstrating the root cause. Needed the extra detail on the contact info for that particular brand. Thanks for making that video either way!

  9. yeah, i have a Body *- BREAK -* broken piece of *_Offal SHIT._* i did the "fat burner" 30-minute program for THE FIRST FUCKING TIME, and on the last block, right at the end, *BANG.* the lower levels now _refuse to catch._ you can just hear the *"Made with NO PRIDE in Indonesia/China/Wherever it’s cheapest and LEAST EFFECTIVE"* machinery in there, whirring away while NOTHING fucking happens. i can’t tell you how infuriating this is… this thing was *NOT* inexpensive. i don’t want the warranty, i dont WANT a new bike – I JUST BOUGHT THIS FUCKING ONE.

  10. I have the same problem with mine but we can’t find the part. The company who manufactured our exercise bike is no longer in business making them. 🙁 Any ideas on where I can buy a gear box?

  11. *by the way -* i hate, HATE it how you say, RIGHT OFF the bat/from the prospective viewers point of view, "yeah _RIGHT,_ you work out, you fat fuck."

    like, WHAT *_IS_* THAT, man?? what kind of attitude is that? _I wasn’t thinking that,_ i’m willing to bet _MOST people aren’t think that_ – and those who ARE? well, they can go FUCK themselves in the ear; whoever thinks such lame, needless, cruel GARBAGE are completely unaware, it seems, of the fact that _EVERYONE_ WHO OWNS A PIECE OF EXERCISE EQUIPMENT had to start SOMEWHERE.

  12. Same exact problem with my Diamonback sr710. I cant get mine open though. This is what 700 bucks gets you in America these days, plastic gears.

  13. i read somewhere that the knob on these bikes is to increase /decrease the electricity to the magnet as you pedal to make the magnet stronger/weaker.

  14. I have a body champ magnetic recumbent bike brb5200. I had ridden it vigorously for about a year and a half every day (about 1 hour and thirty minutes everyday). One day i felt a huge snap and all the tension went away. Upon investigation i found out that it was the tension cable wire that has snapped. I contacted the company and got a new one, then installed it i. It worked ok but it never really had the resistance it used to have before the snap f the wire. Do you think something else could be messed up with it? The motor works and the tension cable moves with magnet, so i cant really think of whats the problem. I went off to college and left it behind, but i randomly thought that it might be a loosening with the drive belt (if it even has one). I know you cant really make a great guess without pictures or anything, but what do you think?

  15. Wow that is exactly the same type gears used on the electronic deadbolts and  yes " that is going to strip again I just know it "….. no doubt. No comment on how often the bike is used ….lol

  16. Hi , would you have any idea, about Freemotion 330R. Everything i researched indicated , it was the tension motor, however, the new one made no change. What else could be missing.

  17. just like the shitty design of blendoor motors !!!!!! guaranteed to fail !!!! i fucking hate shit bag engineers…. they will never have to work on their shit …..soooo let’s design shit !!!!it’s as simple as that !!!!

  18. Cool video, I had no idea they would use shitty plastic gears in those things.  On a side note, what program do you use to edit your videos? 

  19. They use plastic gears in the actuator for the Xdrive transfer case. So not that surprised to see them being used here.

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