Stop Stress Urinary Incontinence With 5 Easy Exercises

Stop Stress Urinary Incontinence With 5 Easy Exercises

Dr. Jen, a pelvic floor physical therapist, shows ways to help reduce & prevent stress urinary incontinence in women & men. This can be caused by coughing, laughing, sneezing, or impact exercises. Buy a worksheet with these exercises:

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One of the most common issues pelvic floor physical therapists see is stress urinary incontinence. Basically, this is when there is involuntary bladder leakage due to a combination of increased pressure or tension in the abdominal area and weak core muscles.

The main muscles to focus on are the true core muscles which are the respiratory diaphragm, pelvic floor, deep transversus abdominis (TA), and the multifidus muscles in your back. They work together to help stabilize the core, support our organs, and help prevent leakage.

Starting off with proper breathing is the most important part. Holding our breaths during activities increase the pressure which can cause the leaking. Diaphragmatic breathing is not only a great strengthening exercise, but it also helps relax the body as well.

Progressing from there, continue with the diaphragmatic breathing and now add in TA exercises by contracting those muscles as you continue to breathe. Next, adding a gluteus bridge helps progress the movement.

Now change positions to help train the muscles in different ways. Get onto all fours, or quadruped, for some bird dogs or opposite arm and opposite leg lifts.

The final ones will be in standing. Start with a single leg stance continuing with the same earlier patterns. Then add in a bound to help progress into impact exercises.

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Treat Stress Urinary Incontinence With 5 Easy Exercises:

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  1. Hi, I found this to be pretty good. As a matter of fact I love this particular one. So, how often should this be done?

  2. Just subscribed to your channel. Love it. Do you have a printout of exercises for the video with Dr. Jen on 4/12/21 titled "Stop Stress Urinary Incontinence With 5 Easy Exercises?"

  3. Hi Jo…..Nice job u r doing.

    Could u explain the role of opposite leg n opposite upper limb exercise in incontinence. U said it fires different brain parts to fire…


  4. Subscribed..
    Hello.. Im 13 weeks pregnant.. Facing discomfort in passing Urine.. Unable to pass my Urine completely.. Doctor said my uterus pressure is falling on my bladder so im unable to pass my Urine.. Any remedies or excersises please😒

  5. Hi doctor, I am from India and I age 13.. I get urine when I get tensed or stress and it comes frequently… I have taken medication and I got good results for 1 month and then again the same problem started. What to do doctor?? Pls tell me I am so scared…

  6. I am at the end of a cold and have been coughing for the past week. I’m embarrassed to say that I had to wear maxi pads the entire time. I cant do jumping jacks anymore, and have accidents when I bend over and lift something off the floor. Hoping to change that

  7. Is this what physical therapy is usually like? My doctor gave me a referral for physical therapy for mild bladder prolapse but I can’t drive there because I’m pretty young so I’ve been trying to find online replacements.

  8. Hello Mam . I was met with and accident 8 dec 2020 . multiple fractures , shaft of femur and 3 fractures on pelvic , diastesis of hipbone , navel to perineum . thigh ms tears , bladder rupture , was in hemorrhagic shock . now my fractures are healed but urinary incontinence is still present please help me 🙂🙏🙂 age 26 female .
    Dr vihari from India 🙂🙏🙂

  9. Hi, My doc said that I have weak lower back muscles & that’s why I’m suffering from back pain. So should I go for pelvic relaxation or pelvic strengthening? Whether it’s safe to strengthen those muscles on my period?

  10. I have organ prolaps of the bladder.Grade two. It causes me to leak alot.

    Im not allowed to kegal excersise because I have an extremly tight pelvic floor.

    How can I fix leaking when I have prolaps and not allwed to kegal?

  11. This gives me more hope than being told I should just do kegal exercises!

    This has hold me back so much for going hard during trainings! I even peed so much during a Muay Thai class once! The most embarrassing thing ever! I will definitely start doing these! Thank you doctors for sharing this information super clear and easy to follow!

  12. I can do these excersises but I am not allowed to manually kegal.However I can feel a ting kegal just by the breathing…

    Can I do the excersises without the kegal??

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