SUGAR GLIDER DIET | What and How I Feed My Sugar Gliders

SUGAR GLIDER DIET | What and How I Feed My Sugar Gliders

This has been the most requested video by far on my channel. Because sugar gliders are relatively new to the pet trade their diet is highly debated in the sugar glider community. I have linked below many video/ resources for you to do you own research and to figure out what “staple diet” is right for you and your sugar gliders.

Time Stamps:
0:00 Sugar Glider Diet
0:30 my concerns about making this video
2:20 the diet I feed and why
9:30 Important notes before I start showing you how I put the diet together
11:07 Preparing my sugar glider’s food (with tricks and time saving tips)
11:10 Food items I have for the diet and why
15:09 My way of processing the diet (time saving tips)
32:50 How I store my sugar glider food (putting in Ice-cube trays)
34:03 What I feed and the importance of vitamins and a staple diet

The Pet Glider Website:
Specific Link to Diet Recipe:

The Pet Glider Diet Videos:
How to make the diet:
The Science Behind the diet:

Great website that lists all the approved staple diets as well as a lot of other great sugar glider information:

“Awesome Sugar Glider Mommy” Diet Videos:

History on some of the main staple diets:

Link to Feeding station (similar to the one is the video) you can also get this from exotic nutrition BUT I don’t support or endorse 99.9% of the stuff they advertise as safe for Sugar Gliders
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I am not a vet, I am not an expert. All of the statements in this video are my opinion only. Please consult your vet before making any decisions on your sugar glider’s care.


  1. Hi! I am going to be rescuing some sugar gliders off craigslist. The lady is feeding exotic nutrition with hpw diet. Is this diet bad? would switching over to your diet be a lot healthier? Thank you so much for making this video it really helped!!

  2. You did that soooooooo wrong.. how dare you show that!!!! JUST KIDDING that was awesome thank you so much. I learned a lot of helpful tips.

  3. Gurl you said “don’t hate me!” several times. You will never please every one. You are organized and knowledgeable!! I enjoy all your vids. You’re are doing awesome!! Be confident! Keep making content!

  4. You are amazing and to worried bout others thoughts of you, my thoughts are you’re awesome, thanks for sharing I love the simplicity of your method

  5. Hey! Thank you so much for this video, it was really helpful and you explained everything really well! I have one question, maybe you touched on it and I just didn’t catch it, but when you give them the food, do you put it out on the counter and let it melt, or can you melt it in the microwave? What temperature should it be?
    Thank you so much, love your channel, it feels like I’m talking to a friend ♡

  6. as long as the snuggies are healthy and your diet is safe which it is I can tell then you shouldn’t have to worry about how it’s mixed together the TPG diet just likes to use the bowl because then their gliders can handpick what they want to eat and what they don’t. just a little fyi

  7. Watching this video was so hard. But I wanted to see what you did. I don’t have a SG, but would like to have one. I can’t believe you are this nervous about adding your take on a recipe.

  8. I’m planning on getting sugar gliders but I was wondering how does temperature affect them like when going out with them in the winter or the summer or when you have an AC or heater on indoor?

  9. When cooking stuff use water instead of the non stick stuff! Theres a certain type of pan you can use (i dont remember off the top of my head) but its good for them (i remember seeing that somewhere)

  10. So I tried a version of this last night and was very nervous because my gliders are picky but they loved it!!! Barely had anything left in the bowl

  11. Ok I’m very new to this I have not got a sugar glider yet I have been looking at everything I believe from what I seen on the site and from ur video this is my best choice for when I get one myself but I was wondering at the end how do u keep it up in the ice cube tray do u put it in the fridge or freezer or how do u keep it please can u help me with that ?

  12. Pls help
    What do I have to feed my 1month old baby.She won’t eat but just drink a little bit of milk and I’m so scared to lose her pls help.

  13. Is this diet safe for younger gliders? I got my glider from a pet store and the guy told me to keep her on a diet of apples and pellets for a little while before she can have anything complicated. I don’t think I agree with him. Thoughts?

  14. The question that you asked during the video. finding fortified frozen orange juice. I have the answer for you which is fortified means that the orange juice has calcium or Vitamin D has been added to the product. I hope this helps.

  15. Im a new mommy for my sugar bear he’s a year old when i got him
    Thanks so much for the help and i am looking at other for food ideas

  16. Hi! Does the fish sticks you give your gliders have protein? And how many do you give per glider? Do you give it daily or every other day?

  17. Hi from Australia! I use a diet recommended by Healsville Sanctuary in Victoria Australia, happy to share it with you!

  18. I just made my guest batch of tpg, when I put a cube in their bowl to I add more fruits and veggies or just thrle cubes?

  19. I don’t own sugar gliders (yet) but I found this video so interesting! I make food for my rats and my dog and I think food prep day is so relaxing

  20. Just wondering if you actually feed avocado’s daily, that’s what you said in the video, avocado’s are fine as a bi-weekly or monthly treat but not a daily one. Its high in fat and very fattening for gliders. I think you mentioned how you have a pudgy little one. I don’t know if they were like that when they came to you or not but that could be why.

    Thanks for this video, though.

  21. Great video! TPG is a popular diet in the community (I’ve heard a lot of owners like it). I feed the Critter Love diet. It’s kind of a pain in the butt to prepare.. but once it’s prepared, your good for about a month. I’d recommend either of these diets for glider owners.
    And yes! Teeth issues are a huge problem with gliders. One which I’m currently dealing with. Both of my gliders are rescues. Both were neglected and came to me horrible malnourished. I’ve had them about a month now. I’m still working on getting the teeth issue fixed. But it’s always a thing to consider before buying or rescuing gliders. I’ve already spent about $500 in vet bills on these two because of this teeth issue.

  22. I did not know about the importance of hard foods/pellets to help clean their teeth. Even if you think your method is a hot mess, haha, it’s still interesting to learn about tips people use. I like to snatch up the over ripe produce on clearance to save in the freezer for my suggies.

    Btw, what’s wrong with the reptile calcium supplement?

  23. Hi, I can’t find either Repcal vitamins or repcal calcium in my country, can I use another brand of calcium and vitamins?

  24. I feel like I was listening to an explanation of why the video is the way it is and how to watch it vs watching anything pertaining to the title..

  25. Sorry if it was already said…I think I saw you add concentrate for the orange juice. The orange juice if I saw correctly on TPG Diet is already mixed up OJ
    Just checking….as you said a million times follow the diet from the website
    Love your commitment and you are really fun to watch!!! No hate! All Love 🙂

  26. My Ruffles is 9 mths old and he’s been a week with me. I dunno whether he’s picky or not yet but I noticed he dont really touch his staple and he only licks the juices all around it. Im kinda worried. Some times I blended all his fruits and vegs together with the suppplemnet and mixed of baby cereal into smooth and syringe fed him. With only that he will eat his food. And the only thing he likes are the dried mealworms among the fresh fruits and vegs. 🙁 Gosh I feel like latching a baby that doesnt wanna be latch for breast milk, thats hiw I feel. Yup, Im a mom though😊

  27. You prep your TPG the exact same way we do, (only we never thought of cooking the eggs ahead like that! GOOD TIP!). We will also leave a little chopped this and/or that around the "dining room". Oh! Also good info about the parsley and dandelions! Our babies LOVE it, and are super happy with it! We are lucky enough to live within 45 minutes from The Pet Glider, use the same vet they do, and get to talk face-to-face, (and go back and see some of the babies!!). Really enjoying your videos. Keep up the excellent work!

  28. I just got my babies 15 min ago. They’re pretty upset. Poor babies. Any pointers? Love your videos. I got mine from Carolina Sugar gliders & Hedgehogs

  29. I sooo need help with the ones I just got. The home before, all she fed them was pellets and baby food with the monkey biscuits. They are refusing worms or bugs of any kind. They LOVE turkey hot dogs though. They really don’t eat any of the baby juice with fruits and veggies. So I cant get them to eat the calcium nor the other vitamin. They DO love their yogurt drops but nothing else except for the fish strips. I need help… And I have had them for a few weeks now and their bonding and attitude isn’t there yet. I would really appreciate some additional brain power with this!! I’ve been giving them Necture juices and fresh fruits and vegetables… apple sauce… baby oatmeal… they just won’t eat… but they don’t look like they are starving either. If you can reach out and contact me… I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions please…

    Thanks… Melody

  30. Hey! Really enjoyed the video and have been doing some research on how to take care of gliders planning on getting a pair, i just wanted to know if there is a way to get the paper packet that you showed early on in this video? i dont know how to direct message on here haha but if you have a saved file of that packet with the ratios it would be super helpful!

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