Team Purpose Diet Lemonade Pay It Forward Strategy

Team Purpose Diet Lemonade Pay It Forward Strategy

Looking for a legitimate work from home business?
Our Diet Lemonade sells like crazy..And our team has all the tools to get you started..
Many items to sell,but our Lemonade is the featured product.

What to try it?
USA orders go here.
We have pre-made sights you can purchase to sell the product..Or use your main site.

This is 2 business’s in one.
#1 Sell on your online store like above.
#2 The matrix part of it.Get 2 people who get 2,and your organization builds..
Up to you if you want to spread the word or not 🙂
But hey,try the product,as it sells itself.

You can join as a Distributor if you choose a home business.
We also have a PIF feature (PAY IT FORWARD) In which we use the gas mileage pill to get people into the company as a minimum expense of only 20 dollars..We have a picture in our group you can use for this,as well we can help you get people under you,but its pretty easy if your paying it forward 🙂

So in reality,you could pay 2 people in,and have them pay 2 people in 🙂 As you can see,it builds nicely.

The Lemonade business can be automated as well..Some of our team make their own facebook business page,and buy advertising..
One of the girls got the automated system,and had to actually pause her add as she ran out of product lol 🙂
Nice problem to have 🙂

Come to this webinar All Month..Monday-Friday,unless we have a special on the weekend.
Topic: TEAM PURPOSE NO MORE BILLS AUTOMATED SYSTEM! Time: 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting… Meeting ID: 892 8425 0350 Passcode: 777

After that,get in our team telegram group here:

From there,you can join our Official Telegram Group as Well 🙂

Also,paid members can get into our official facebook group.You can join our other facebook group here:…

See our testimonials there.
We also have 2 facebook messenger chats,one for paid,and one for information.

Hope to see you soon 🙂
Also watch the lemonade video here too.

Scotty Houge
Questions,friend me and send a note (Lemonade Information) So I know its for any questions about it.

No claims of income are represented here.

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