The 30 Day Shake Diet Experiment / Ep 1

The 30 Day Shake Diet Experiment / Ep 1

Shake Diets are thought of as straight-up bad for weight loss.

You’ll be starving, ruin your metabolism and even lose loads of muscle. Well, most of these are just simply not true.

I’m keen to investigate the idea of replacing most of your meals with a meal replacement shake. I want to see what the weight loss will be like and even how much body fat I drop whilst maintaining or even growing muscle mass.

The Shake Diet will consist of 2 x Meal Replacement Shakes and 1 main meal. Simple as that.

For 30 days I’ll be releasing videos on what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and what kind of results I get from drinking meal replacement shakes for the best part of my diet.

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  1. I’m doing a Degree in nutrition & obesity….
    great 1st episode 👍🏻 but I can’t find anything past the 3rd ?
    Slightly disappointing your not only having liquids “shake diet “ implies shakes only lol

  2. Is today’s announcement of gyms reopening in the uk in a fortnight going to have an impact on your approach to this experiment, as I can see your energy usage going up?

  3. New subscriber thank you. Cannot wait to see your results. I have just started the same process 🙋🙋🙋🙋☺️

  4. I did this for ten months on deployment only eating whatever greens and beans were available at the mess hall once a day. I made my shakes with 2 scoops of protien, 1 scoop of greens, 1 pack of oatmeal and coffee every morning, had greens for dinner and another shake after the evening workout. I got leaner and stronger than I had ever been in my life and didn’t feel malnourished at all.

  5. I got so thrown off when you opened your mouth and you were Scottish (I’m Scottish) never expected to hear a familiar accent but always lovely when I do 🤗

  6. Hey Brother quick question I was watching your video and I wanted to lose weight and start the protein diet because of me and being obese I want to go drop down and wait I’m currently 275 I want to drop down to at least 200 pounds what is diet help me?

  7. if i don’t work out , do you think i will lose weight doing this? two meals replaced with protein shake and one balanced meal ?

  8. Yes this is a diet in America. Visalis shakes. 2 shakes. One meal. I already do omad now. I think I’ll just add a shake. You can have pickles & sugar free jello for snacks

  9. Hi Gordon I did this couple years back just shakes but allowed one meal a week. Only did it for 3 weeks lost over stone and my strength increases. I was doing 5×5 training working 3 shifts. I’ll be honest easiest diet I have ever done. Then after 3 weeks I replaced a shake with a meal each day to slowly get my food back to maintenance level kept it for over 6 months. Good luck

  10. Hey I like this channel and this video. Subbed. I find I have to take only 1 scoop at a time tho, anymore and my stomach feels weird.

  11. With just the shakes, you’ll basically be fasting 😆 if they’re protein? shakes, you’ll be burning off 30% of it just digesting the protein.

    You could honestly have a 1,000 calorie dinner and still be in a good deficit

  12. Definite person dependent, but great inspiration and way to challenge bias. Im interested too with similar pre-gym goals and thought process. Especially on the basis of 1 main meal. Although I’m a little cautious about digestion / farts.

    Nevertheless hope you’ve stocked up with plenty of flavours! A baw hair away from 90kg, Am going to start Monday 😃 Edit; ordered up and Went with PWorks as on special offer, although 25g protein per serving is a tad lower than 0.3 x BW

  13. It’s not just about nutrients. It’s about a bunch of other health effects resulting from not chewing, not releasing enough stomach acid, easier absorption of nutrients, too much protein (for a regular person. The shakes are only for athletes as ‘supplements’ not as ‘replacements’ or for weight loss). 30 days might be ok but if you do that for a few more months you’d just loose a significant enough bone mass in your jaw for noticeable problems with your teeth. Don’t spread harmful advice when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  14. Look forward to the series! So weight loss is the goal, yeah? I wondered your thoughts if you were in a maintenance phase – would you look to have a shake based diet for that too? Or maybe could the shake serve to add in a stress free, convenient surplus meal to meet the extra calorie needs?

  15. Can it work if I only do 1 meal replace? I’m not good a sticking to things and have small kids that I have to feed so temptation is always there.. sorry no self discipline here 😪 NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT

  16. If i am eating 600 -700( on clean keto) cals a day and have a goal of reducing 20kgs in 3 months , do i have to workout?

  17. I drink premium protein three times week for diner and lost so much weight (25lbs) I started premium protein 2 months ago

  18. I took 5 scoops of whey protein a day
    With 1 meal a day
    It’s best to gain muscles
    Taking 5 scoops is best way

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