The Correct Sizing or Size for an Exercise Ball, PhysioBall, or SwissBall.

The Correct Sizing or Size for an Exercise Ball, PhysioBall, or SwissBall.

Famous Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck discuss how to determine the right size for an exercise ball, physioball, or swiss ball. They also discuss other important needed features.

**UPDATE** Since filming, we have released our own exercise ball! Find the Bob and Brad
exercise ball here:

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  1. Any chance that you know what brand that specific exercise ball is? I scanned through the video to see if I could spot a logo on it, but nothing. You mentioned that it’s rated for 600lbs in the video, but that’s in contrast to the only exercise ball on your recommended products amazon page; which is rated for 270lb. I’m one of those people you mentioned in the video that like the softer ball, but it’s not at all easy to find them.

  2. These guys are the best I can’t tell u how many vids or theirs I have watched over the last year

  3. Thanks so much for your videos. Β I always watch and give a thumbs up, but don’t normally comment. I was wondering how to buy a proper exercise ball and this was very helpful.

  4. i’ve been watching your videos for a few years. You gents make me laugh every time!! Hehehe, my knees hurts, my lower back aches but every video I watch – you guys just crack me up! Thank you for the safe advice and humour! Lots of support and love from Canada! Be safe Stay sanitized!

  5. Yet another exercise ball sizing video where they don’t tell you the size of the ball actually being used in the video. Amazing.

  6. Some trainers say that sitting on top, with feet flato on the floor, the hips must be higher than the knees…..

  7. Y’all are just wonderful to watch I would love to be around such positive carefree spirits. That is the way I love to be but most of the people I have encountered nowadays just take things way to serious. Stressing about something completely out of ur control is hell on ur body. I tend to start stressing lije the people im around because their stress is apparently contagious. So I have currently isolated myself from society lol I just want to be around people like me that dont stressthe small stuff. Just live life. I want to just live a happy life. I chose a happy life no matter what happens in my life I’m still alive and there is absolutely NOTHING I can not overcome. It is never the end just an obstacle or I like to think its God helping me chose the right path by throwing a road block up. Sorry for rambling I was just watching yall for the 1st time & what drawed my attention most was when he said u handle it im gonna do a sit up. He is so carefree but still in a respectable way. I wish I could meet both of u in person I would to be around some positivity and hope its just as contagious. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the really great information. God Bless! Btw…Definitely a Subscriber & fan as of today πŸ’šπŸ’‹πŸ˜€πŸ’œ

  8. I’m 5’3” but would a 75 cm ball be better for me my hips are wide. My sister in law said I needed a 75 cm ball what do you think

  9. "Most famous physical therapists on the internet." …Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

  10. +physicaltherapyvideo Great vid.Can you please do a video in1.a subscapularus rotator cuff injury treatment 2.osgood schlatters disease treatment .thank you

  11. sir please make a video on the exercises that a stroke patient can do with a physio ball…….all the ball exercises in one video.your videos are really helpful…….keep up your good work.thanks a lot.

  12. Does Bob and Brad have separate clinics? But I thought this is your clinic for the both of you?

  13. I really want to know how on earth they are measuring these balls. Surely 55cm for example is not the circumference of what they say 55cm is. So confused.

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