The Game breaks down his diet en route to The Show of Shows: Triple H's Road to WrestleMania

The Game breaks down his diet en route to The Show of Shows: Triple H's Road to WrestleMania

As Triple H’s WrestleMania Week continues, find out which foods keep The King of Kings working at peak condition.
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  1. Poor Triple H, over here trying to enjoy his lunch or breakfast in piece and has to deal with this dude interviewing him with a camera

  2. Felt really hungry watching this video. Triple H sounds like he’s really enjoying chomping at the bit

  3. As soon as I adopted his “food is fuel” mentality, dieting became easy af. Finally getting the results I’ve always wanted

  4. imagine his protein farts hahahaha it’s time to play the (((((((((((((((((((farrrrrrrrrrrrrt)))))))))))))))))

  5. He just announced retirement.
    25/3/2022 . My childhood hero deserves some rest, he looks spent after all this gruelling

  6. I didn’t know he weighs things out of his food. He kind of looks annoyed. Seems his body language was saying just leave me to eat in peace I toatally understand that’s the way I like it just go let me eat for the love of pete.

  7. Thanks *chew chew* for that * chew chew* information *chew chew* triple *chew chew* H *chew chew* i really *chew chew* appreciate *chew chew* it *chew chew*

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  9. Sucks being old haha u can’t really be that 260 pound beast like u used too but he still impressive as hell even compared to today main event scene he’d still give them a run for their money

  10. i have been thinking, you know why Hunter never made it in the movie industry?, cuz they always put him in genres he did not fit in, he is more barbaric fantasy, if Arnold ever does King Conan movie, he most be in the movie, as an Aesir, with he’s war hammer, fighting old Conan.

  11. Dam that last part about food just being fuel nothing more..that’s all I needed to hear to maintain a healthy diet for the rest of my life
    Wish me luck

  12. 3 days no carbs 1 day carbs? I actually do it the other way around. 3 days carbs 1 day no carbs. There is no way I can lift heavy for an hour and do an hour of cardio without carbs…

  13. Triple H I’d love for you to do a Vanity fair kinda “what I do in a day”

    As someone who is concerned about heart issues with family history… I’m feeling a bit lost

  14. “Tell is about your diet”
    *2 minutes and 22 seconds of him telling us nothing about his diet*

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