1. ok man, everything cool, but please
    try to work on the proper form for push-ups…those elbows gonna feel really bad soon

  2. If you’re doing 200 pushups to callibrate you’re already in incredible shape dude. No beginner can follow this.

  3. yo what setup is that for the tricep pushdowns? how can I build a setup like that at home? should I hang the resistance bands in the door? what should I use to hang the bands?

  4. First saw your vids ~4yrs ago but was checking out your physique vids more than the vids in which you talk. I have to say I think you’re really honest and thanks to that you cover some topics that people always wonder about. Like when you mention that something will be uncomfortable or difficult and insightful stuff like that. I think that is really important to mention, because you’re getting in front of the problem, and I think that acknowledging these things really helps people – especially when hearing it from you.

    In any case, I really hope that your channel grows. I think you really deserve it and lots of people would benefit from the insightful info you give. There’s lots of fitness people, but you have A LOT more relatable angle, which encourages people to push through.

  5. his out of shape is pretty solid body goal for me. i am bulky so he will never know thick peoples effort to get lean n casually ripped

  6. "The first week I just did 200 push-ups a session."
    Not all of us are sculpted immortal pieces of human lol. If I tried that I’d straight up *_DIE_*

  7. Also, all of the gains and muscle memory from the years of your steroid usage. That helps and factors into the equation.

  8. all the ‘I cant even do 1 pull up’ people…..do everything else other than pull ups and eventually you’ll be able to 🙂

  9. My old Push day consisted of

    100 pushups in 2 sets of 2 sets of 5 and the rest in Sets of then.

    Variations where
    Slow motion, diamond, normal, elevated, archer? Finger, wide, narrow, shoulder and some with isometric hold.

    I would frog stands 2 times 30 seconds shoulder raises for all tree shoulder heads 2 times 12 ans 2 times 20 in a drop set Id do 2 times 20 benchpress with 8 Kilo dunbells in each side ( I know very low)
    Also 2×12 overhead triceps extensions.
    2x1min Isometric Push up holds
    Some minor isometrics.

    Then I did some planche prigressions.

    I did push pull legs and cardio twice one rest day a weak and after a month I did a deload week to recover where I did only minimal things for mobility or such.

    Why Im telling you this?
    Just wanted to spark the debate.
    Maybe share some of your routine!

  10. Bro…. you are ripped as f I want to workout like but i cant do as many push ups and I absolutely cannot do pull ups

  11. “simp” what heter. isn’t sadly blind to how beautiful Men are, and obsessed with females sadly?

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