1. I just want to comment again for those who are contemplating a rebounder. I used to run 4 days a week, but fell out of the habit a few years ago. I’m way out of shape and didn’t think I could ever recover. Since getting a rebound and watching this video, I’m really excited that my body is recovering and I have much more energy. I put it in my living room rather than my guest room, so now I do the 5-minute video, and jump on it a couple additional times a day. I truly love it. A bit of advice: if you can’t do 5 minutes, just bounce lightly through it. You’ll quickly build up time.

  2. Thank you so much, excellent workout. I am doing it trying to help my Lymphatic system, looks like it is clogged ;o. thanks again!!!

  3. Is there a routine for an out of shape 73 year old that is afraid to bounce? My balance is terrible, probably because my core is weak but I need to start somewhere! I need something that will meet me where I am now.

  4. Great video – the sound quality much better outside than your indoor ones which are a bit difficult – a "cavernous " sound , difficult for hard of hearing people like me. You have some really good exercice routines – very balanced & complete for the whole body . Thanks !

  5. I wish I had come across this years ago been rebounding for a month now my legs a stronger just got stretch more afterwards. Great video I will use as my routine

  6. This guy knows what he is talking about. In the 1980s, I studied Lymphology with Dr C. Samuel West, who wrote the lymph chapter in Guyton’s medical textbook used by medical schools. He is spot on. I am recommending his videos to all.

  7. Excellent video, great workout. A bit advanced for me at the moment since I just started rebounding yesterday, but I anticipate re-visiting this often until I am doing this routine. Cheers!

  8. I’m still loving it! In the beginning I was only able to do a minute or two. Now I can do the entire video, slowing down occasionally but staying with it to the end. Thank you.

  9. I got a rebounder just last week I haven’t used it yet but from what I can see this is why I got it much appreciated you sharing this with me and others got to started this covered everything.

  10. Thank you thank you thank you!! You inspired me! Bought a brand new rebounder on Craigslist for $20 yesterday and started using it today. I love it! Low impact and a huge workout. I ran for many years and got out of the habit. Just couldn’t get back into it. But this is convenient, fast, and doesn’t take up space. Huge workout in 5 minutes. Love it!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hi Keith! vgt here. Just received my new rebounder from you this week. Now I find your video online, and people really loving it. Too advanced for me, but just gentle bouncing for 2 mins at a time is a real blessing for me. Five times a day would give ten minutes a day, but I just want a little detox at a time. 78 yrs old. Subscribed.

  12. Just found this today, tried it and love it. Only lasted a couple of minutes as I am a beginner but I love this!💚

  13. Found rebounding recently for weight loss. Your vids are my fav by far. Great science additions! Question: do you ever use resistance bands w your rebounder instead of weights?

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