The Nutrition Major – Careers, Courses, and Concentrations

The Nutrition Major – Careers, Courses, and Concentrations

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The Nutrition Science Major is an applied science that draws from both science and social science concepts. Within the nutrition major, you will draw upon your knowledge of biology, chemistry, and biochemistry to study nutrients within foods and how the human body digests and metabolizes everything we eat and drink.

This video also covers how things like aging, illness, exercise, disease, and pregnancy affect our nutritional needs and metabolism.

In addition to your science courses, you will take several social science courses that focus on the psychological components that make up nutrition.

Within the Nutrition major the two most common concentrations are “Dietetics” and “Nutrition Science.”

Dietetics is the most common concentration because it is used by students with aspirations of becoming a Registered Dietitian. In addition, this video will give you several potential careers even if you don’t become an RD.

The other most common concentration that Nutrition majors enter into is the Nutrition Science concentration.

Although there are a few career paths Nutrition Science majors can enter into, most students pursue healthcare fields such as medical, dental, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistance.

By the end of this video, you will have a superior understanding of what classes you will take, what the concentrations you can enter into, and what careers would be best for you.

I go over exactly what you can expect as a Nutrition major and include some of the basic courses you take, the concentrations you can focus on, and most importantly how you can use this major for your future career.


  1. is anyone a nutritionist and physical therapist or personal trainer? I’m interested to know I could most efficiently combine those two.

  2. I got the BS in nutritional science degree 2 years ago and I don’t remember what I learned. What do you recommend to relearn? I was thinking of doing research about nutrition science and perhaps buying an advanced nutritional science book.

  3. Honestly I just wanna study what way to make me stay in this world as long as possible.
    It is better that I do self-taught myself about it.
    Any recommend for books I wanna study from an ignorant person to someone who can live more than 10 years

  4. this video is extremely helpful! thank you so much for making it and putting in the effort to inform others so extensively, you are doing amazing! <3

  5. How do I become one of those scientists that conduct studies on the effects on people based off of nutrition?

  6. I’m only a fourth of the way watching this video @3:13 and I’m floored with excitement because what you’re mentioning is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying I want to learn! I’m geeked 😝😁😁 Now to continue watching 🤔

  7. I studied medical Sociology in master’s programs. Could i study nutrition science? I am interested on this subject.

  8. bruh- I debated between nursing and nutrition and I just submitted my college applications for nursing. But now I really wanna change my major to nutrition. *cries in regret*

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  10. I am a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian and a Fitness Coach for 5 years now.

    I am so happy to help people thru diet and exercise.

    I just started my own channel as well, you might want to check it out 😁

  11. Thankyou so much your video was really helpful for me because I’m 1st Year student in the same major of Nutrition science

  12. for anyone who might see this now and has some knowledge about this major, does it require a lot of calculus? I’m in my senior year of high school and this class is just not working for me (it was a recommended course, but not required, and I already have my math 4u credit) I’d be grateful for an answer pleaseeee

  13. I didn’t see Sports Nutrition as an option – I’ve seen that to become a Sports Nutritionist one would need to become a dietitian first, but some people also go to Graduate school for Kinesiology. Where would S.N. fit in this category?

  14. nutrition is essential and ever since i had some family members and friends pass away due to unhealthy eating habits..nutrition has become my passion…being healthy is my #1 priority in life… i dont think i wud want to pursue it as a career tho only as a life passion

  15. This vid is educational. I’ve been trying to look for a awesome YouTube video like yours that really explains everything in this vid. 👏Your vid totally reminds me of the videos of this informative med student Doctor Ethan. Dr’s tips are educational and I really learned a lot for my wellness! He is an educational med student in Nottingham and he talks about vaccines!

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  16. you are doing a great job by posting those videos. Thanks for that.
    Waiting to see the video regarding software engineering major. It’s confusing to differentiate between it and the other stuff like computer science, information technology and so on.

  17. Am already enrolling in university at korea.But i wonder is the undergraduate degree enough?Or i should do master degree too?Honestly i want to start earning money as soon as i graduate and become a nutritionist….Beside another question,Going for internship when is the best time to look for?Am in 1st year only now.Thank you

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