The Pillars of Health: Your Foundations for Lifelong Wellness – John Pierre

The Pillars of Health: Your Foundations for Lifelong Wellness – John Pierre

Learn the four solid principles that provide everyone with a strong foundation for lasting, lifelong well-being. John Pierre will share practical life-enhancing modalities and easy-to-implement information that will get everyone on the path toward attaining and maintaining vibrant health. He’ll convey tips and tricks that are fun, enjoyable, and doable. The presentation will include information about the benefits of wholesome, delicious plant-based foods, along with the importance of engaging and expanding our mind with cognitive fitness modalities to keep them sharp and clear. Additionally, John will demonstrate how challenging our body with joyous physical motion is imperative to our well-being and how to invite more movement into our daily life. Finally, John will share how embracing a loving and compassionate outlook will create the solid “pillars” that lead to lifelong wellness.

Nutrition and fitness consultant John Pierre has trained hard-core athletes, Hollywood celebrities, rock-stars, and Fortune 500 executives. Assisting a wide range of clientele and people of all backgrounds and fitness levels, John’s passion is to help everyone. Credited as being one of the first pioneers in the U.S. to create “brain-building” classes that enhance cognitive fitness in our geriatrics community, 30 years of experience has provided John with a unique understanding and ability to help others with cognitive challenges. John Pierre was recently inducted into the North American Vegetarian Society Hall of fame, and continues to contribute widely to magazines and publications in the area of health and fitness. John is the author of several books, including: The Pillars of Health, and Strong, Savvy, Safe, available at, and has starred in numerous health-promoting DVD’s and online programs that reach countless individuals all over the world.

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  1. @35:30 I wouldn’t agree that if I do half hour running daily, then I’m not benefiting my body. It’s actually a huge difference, I have felt it. Inspired by Ruth Heidrich’s words that running is good for joints, I started with 15 minutes daily running, I noticed this gave me much more great overall feeling, than hours of daily walking what I did previously. And nowadays I run 3x-4x more, because it’s pleasure.
    It really gives different feeling when I have done short daily run than just doing some yoga exercises half day (it’s very boring way to spend a time).
    For those who don’t do running, even half hour walking means something – it’s still good for body and it’s not boring.
    Amount of calories what I burn with 1 squat equals maybe 5 meters of running, I don’t think I have willpower doing 2000 squats daily, but 6 miles of running is fun.
    And it’s not just burnt calories what mean: when blood is pumping hard during running then you just feel it rest of the day what it meant.

  2. The 1949 okinawa diet was very low in nuts, seeds and fruits which are all more expensive than sweet potato and greens.

  3. Glad I listened! I wasn’t going to listen because of Chef AJ. But you are talking about NUTRIENTS and grains can be optional, the importance of blending for micronutrient absorption, and value of nuts snd or seeds. Thank you for sounding reasonable and not fanatical. This is real life. 😊🌱

  4. Lots of good good advice here, but "grains aren’t necessary"? I take issue with that statement. But as I said, other than this. GOOD INFO.

  5. sesame paste made from unhulled sesame seeds has much more calcium. More practical to get calcium from kale, collard, mustard green, turnip green.

  6. if want to exercise the brain, can try solving difficult problems like weapons of mass destruction, overpopulation, overconsumption, environmental degradation, global warming, etc.

  7. Organic is less than 1% of america’s agriculture so it is not practical to tell people to eat only organic foods. Organic food sales in america are only 4% of the total food sales. Can probably get more health benefits by avoiding refined chemicals like oil, sweeteners, salt, refined flour, protein powder, unnecessary supplements, etc.

  8. For vitamin e, can easily get them from boiled or steamed sweet potato which was the staple food in the 1949 okinawa diet.

  9. He does not look in-shape, he has a belly. It would be nice if he practiced what he preaches because his message is good….. I just think he would reach more people…. No disrespect meant….

  10. Vegan fake milks are quite refined and wasteful so better to eat real foods like soybeans.

  11. Instead of smoothies and using unhealthy salad dressings, can just pour soup, cereal, congee over high calcium greens (kale, collard, mustard green, turnip green).

  12. To avoid stress and negative feelings, I recommend reading philosophies like spinoza.

  13. Green smoothie w kale and blueberries alone tastes awful…really bitter. I need my frozen bananas in there….

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