The Scientific 7 Minute Workout Video – Bodyweight Only Total Body Workout

The Scientific 7 Minute Workout Video – Bodyweight Only Total Body Workout

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  1. Love the helpful tips and how she instructs and motivates throughout the entire workout! This is one of the best workout videos I’ve seen.

  2. Is there something else we can do for the step up? Like using steps? I don have a block or a average chair to use.

  3. I have a question… how did you start, where or what do you use for stepping? She has a black block there…

  4. Here’s the regimen, in case anyone else likes having it written down!:

    Remember to keep moving during rest phases!
    It’s okay to modify these to make it easier for you. Just keep up the routine! The harder techniques will become easy if you keep building those muscles in any way that works best!

    30sec Jumping jacks
    10sec REST
    30sec Wall sit/static squat
    10sec REST
    30sec Push ups
    10sec REST
    30sec Crunches (note: do NOT sit up all the way. sit ups aren’t as beneficial as crunches the way she does them in the video)
    10sec REST
    30sec Step ups (chair, stair, etc)
    10sec REST
    30sec Squats
    10sec REST
    30sec Tricep dips (chair behind you, pull yourself up with those back muscles!)
    10sec REST
    30sec Plank
    10sec REST
    30sec High knees
    10sec REST
    30sec Lunges
    10sec REST
    30sec Push up + rotation
    10sec REST
    30sec Side plank – Side 1
    10sec REST
    30sec Side plank – Side 2
    Keep at it! Make this routine just as ordinary as breakfast. This won’t be difficult forever—your muscles will build and learn to be efficient over time. I’m trying to get back into shape, and I wish you just as much luck as I hope to have, myself. Go out there and gain that extra endurance, stranger!

  5. I’m going to give this a try. It’s 7 minutes what do I have to loose. Hopefully this will help with the postpartum tummy lol

  6. Thanks for your video. It’s very well put together, and so are you! I’m
    78 yrs old, and I’m still able to do the exercises to a great extent.

  7. For “crunches”: 1) Why put hands behind neck? Is it to support the head from falling backwards? 2) Would it still be safe to do this with arms at my side? 3) Should I keep neck and shoulders as relaxed as possible or clenched/tense? Thanks. — An Alive Beginner 😉

  8. Love you girl🏴‍☠️ thank you 🙏 love the flow the ease AND THE GUIDANCE IS SPOT ON -infinitely grateful julz

  9. I’m only watching at the moment because I am so unfit and I have a poorly ankle however I plan to try slowly and hopefully gain confidence working out? I also want to thank you for not trying to gain money from this. The fact that you just want people to get fit and healthy is amazing. God bless you.

  10. I am sure it works well, if you want to keep fit, but it looks too rough for a beginner. I also find bit hard to believe a scientific side of it, as I am not sure this jumping etc is going to do any good for overweight people.

  11. This was awesome. I have tried and have also been doing a lot of different things for workouts over the years. Though I’m in need of shorter, whole body, consistent (and effective) workouts. My favorite part of this video was your reminders about doing the exercise right in form as well as skipping in your video the warm up and cool down but making sure to remind us to do it. Just what I needed. To the point if I’m going to use this more than once. Kudos.

  12. I appreciate this is a good work out and some people have acheived results but i’m thinking if you have an adrenal body type then maybe this one is probbably not suitable. Doing these hard movements would causing more stress and raise more cortisol making it harder to loose the weight.

  13. Looks like I can’t do any of these.Jumping is out for me,& I can’t get down on the floor because Couldn’t get back up. Also crunches would hurt my scars on my stomach.
    I’m doomed to be fat!!

  14. I’ve watched a lot of Fitness Blender videos and I think this is the first one I’ve watched where Kelly is dying lol 😆 I mean she’s gasping for air!

  15. I had knee surgery and can do everything except jumping jacks and high knees. Can you modify for a person who cannot put weight on knees. NO JUMPING!

  16. There’s no way I can do exercise using my body weight as the resistance. It’s like I’m carrying a 100lb backpack. 😞

  17. The heartbreaking hell family approve because russian atypically collect sans a teeny-tiny bite. animated, pointless paperback

  18. What can someone like he who has Si joint pain. broke my L4 & am now 50ty lbs over weight, but can’t do much U r showing me.
    Any ideas for someone who has many bone & joint pain.Also have FM COPD??

  19. Can you suggest a substitution for stepping on the box I have a knee replacement and not a possibility for me Thank you

  20. Thanks for these types of workouts. Since the pandemic I have lost about 15 lbs even though I work all the time and am constantly busy!! These short bursts really help me to keep my sanity, not get bored and stay strong mentally and physically when I can’t do longer workouts!

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