The Ultimate Beginners Guide to the KETOGENIC DIET w/ Dr. Dominic D'Agostino

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to the KETOGENIC DIET w/ Dr. Dominic D'Agostino

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1 in 6 diabetes patients in the world come from India.

We are fast becoming the diabetic capital of the world, and a large part of this stems from our misunderstanding of nutrition.

I had the chance to speak with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, who is the planet’s foremost expert on the ketogenic diet.

We discussed simple diet hacks and easy ways to implement healthier food practices into your life.

If you’ve been thinking about improving the way you eat, this podcast is for you.

Topics Covered:
02:08 – What is the Ketogenic Diet
13:49 – The benefits of the Ketogenic Diet
17:40 – Thoughts on Carbohydrates
22:36 – How to start the Ketogenic Diet
28:11 – What does Dr.Dominic eat in a day?
35:42 – The Benefits of Diet Variability
43:26 – How to implement fasting into your life
49:06 – Quick Fire Questions

Where to find more about Dr. Dominic D’Agostino?
LinkedIn: Dominic D’Agostino
Twitter: @DominicDAgosti2
Instagram: @dominic.dagostino.kt

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  1. What about Thin on the outside Fat on the inside phenomenon that you find in the Indian sub continent ? Insulin resistance is obvious in the west with obvious central abdominal fat but in the subcontinent you get a lot of slim Type 2’s . I work in the NHS in the UK and have come across a lot to f very slim Indian doctors who turn out to be type 2 . Later on they proceed to heart attack/ stenting .

  2. If eating too much protein affect mTOR, IGF1 etc and decreases human longevity and ageing then why do Carnivores LOOK younger, if you look at Linda Solant she looks like she is in her late 20’s but she is 45yrs of age (5yrs Carnivore), another one is Peter Nance who has eaten raw meat for 11yrs and looks younger than his girlfriend who is vegetarian, she looks like his mother, he looks like he is in his early 30’s but his partner looks like in her 50’s.
    So what is happening in the body when you go Carnivore to make you look younger, you starve yourself of dietary glucose unless you use a little honey or a fruit or two, you feel satiated, could it be that without glucose from carbs the body works more efficiently and the usual Cancer markers like IGF1 that may shorten life expectancy mTOR, methionine etc are negated.
    Online there is a black guy who calls himself Nun AmenRa who charges $1300 for his 5 books or research studies on longevity, he talks about AGE’s, OMAD, vegan diet etc and yet he is 43 and LOOKS about 45’ish, he looks his age, if Meat is so dangerous and ages you via many processes (methionine, IGF1, AGE’s etc etc) then shouldn’t those Carnivores LOOK sick and older, I mean their skin looks young and clear, could it be that high protein Carnivore diets that are NOT combined with carbs, and junk foods, stress etc then may not have detrimental effects, i.e. higher Cancer risks and shortening of life expectancy.
    If you had a scale and meat on side and then on the other side you have Calorific Restriction, add to that Intermittent or cyclic fasting, when you eat only meat, organs you will feel very nourished and satiated and signals to the brains that you have enough and don’t feel like eating for hours, doing this twice a day can fulfil CR and IF goals.
    Not eating plants (Polyphenols etc) can also take away internal stressors that seem to damage dna or somehow affect us negatively although as mentioned everywhere polyphenols may stimulate Nrf2 pathways and act as antioxidants but the NET affect may not be positive, and so although Turmeric may help against inflammation and Cancer proliferation etc, the reason you have to take black pepper in order to increase its absorption is because the Liver wants it OUT of the body, it is trying to get rid of it as it knows the detrimental affects, Sulforaphane damages dna but also has positive effects, you’d have to wonder whether anti oxidants from dietary sources are economical, nrf2 pathways can be stimulates via Hormetic activities such as cold exposure, saunas etc without the internal dna damage etc (possibly) We also have out own master anti oxidants system Glutathione which can be produced naturally without dietary anti oxidants and so it would make sense that you are limiting damage from dietary sources.
    I started eating a ton of polyphenols in berries, fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs but my gut felt uncomfortable and hard to maintain, maybe I was damaging myself internally with all these plants toxins, I have seen studies where women who ate more variety of veggies and fruits had less disease, diets wehre people ate more plants foods and limited meat lived longest, and so Im totally confused.
    I was on this veg/friut heavy plant based meat limited diet and had GERD and the last 3 week had to wake up at night due to gallbladder disease, in pain for hours, I switched to Carnivore, the same night NO pain in my gallbladder, now 3 weeks still no pain and lost 6kg, help, Im confused, I feel I may not be eating a healthy diet and yet it makes me feel ok but I worry about Cancer, longevity theories that Dr Valter Longo talks about, is Dr Longo right or wrong?

  3. Very well rounded interview, this doctor truly embraces a holistic approach to health. Lots of actionable items for "normal "people

  4. Hey Armaan, cool podcast man! Lot’s of movement from your side but I think you’re doing a great job. Would be interesting if Dr. D’Agostino checks on his intake of vitamins and minerals and if he tries to hit RDA levels or if he just goes with blood markers and how he feels and performs.

    Much love and strength brother,

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