Top Jobs for Kinesiology Majors (5 HIGH PAYING JOBS)

Top Jobs for Kinesiology Majors (5 HIGH PAYING JOBS)

Here is a video on the Top Jobs for Kinesiology Majors in 2020! As a previous kinesiology major, I always wondered what are the highest paying jobs for kinesiology students outside of physical therapy!? In this video, I lay out 5 of the best jobs for kinesiology majors. Of course, there are many other jobs out there for kinesiology majors but this video will give you a jump start as you begin your research. There is so much you can do with a kinesiology major!

Please Comment Below: What are some jobs that you believe would be great for someone studying kinesiology?
2:17 Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach
5:05 Sports Strength and Conditioning Coach
6:58 Exercise Physiologist
8:56 Physical Therapist/Occupational Therapist
11:30 Chiropractor
PT vs PT Assistant

PT vs Physician Assistant

PT vs Chiropractic

PT vs Occupational Therapist

PT vs Nursing

PT vs Exercise Physiologist

Top 10 Medical Careers

Top Jobs for a Kinesiology Majors

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  1. I will have my associate degree in kinesiology soon, but I want to start building my career before the associate degree to get experience and learn more about it. so, what jobs should I apply for even if am not gonna be paid? and, can I just go to a gym and tell them that I want to work for them to get experience?

  2. Awesome video as usual broski! PT school is pretty intimidating, I have a 3.52 GPA so far in my kinesiology bachelors but I obviously need more to be considered a "good" candidate but your videos are a great motivation 🤙🙌

  3. What made you change your mind from Exercise Physiology to Physical Therapy? Would love some input as im kind of stuck between the two.

  4. Why do think Kinesiology major stands out when you can do same job with personal trainer certification? I wanted to know how major can help you being outstand? Than just personal trainer certification? What do think you can do more with the majors in comparison to CPT? How these two differs in terms of knowledge, practice and benefits to design a workout program or being a fitness trainer ?

  5. Realistically, you have better chances of becoming a hollywood actor than being a strength and conditioning coach at the college or pro level

  6. Hello i have a question.. im working as an electrician for a school but i would like to have a degree.. and idk if i would do the electrical field forever as i want to do something that can help people feel good about themselves and i saw kinesiology and did some research and got interested.. im brand new and was thinking of going to school after saving up money. Any advice? Anything i should read or do research on before i start school?

  7. My favorite barista at the local Starbucks has a degree in Kinesiology. I asked her what’s that? Now I know.

  8. Hi, can you please make a video that provides tips and places where we can volunteer to get experience? Great video and thanks for sharing.

  9. I got my kin degree in 2018, i personally think it was the worst career decision i made.

    the $800K for being a head coach for a US school football was cool.

    i’d love to see you make a video about how kin majors can pivot into non-kin career path.

    13:50 – this would be a great video topic in my opinion.

    it would be great to have kin alumni on your channel!

    like button has been smashed.

  10. Hey I am about to graduate with my kinesiology degree this spring and I want to work before going into grad school for PT. Where should I work that will be the most beneficial towards PT school?

  11. Thank you so much for this video! This helped me a lot to create a vision for myself! subscribed

  12. There are a lot of cons on those careers. Private personal trainer might have a lot of expenses to take from those $50 per hour. Where do you gonna train your clients? Do you clients have a gym? Equipment? Also, it’s rare strength and conditioning coach make well above six figures like you said. The vast majority make a fraction of it. Let’s be realistic. Every career has exceptions where ppl make tons of money.
    Finally, some careers such as PT needs a doctorate. So you should correct the clickbait tittle, since it implies careers with kinesiology degree only

  13. I just graduated this spring with my kinesiology degree and I’m debating on PT or Chiropractor, I’m frm Brooklyn

  14. how do you become a private fitness instructor? Would you need to advertise, and secondly would an associates help you out alot?

  15. im trying to get my kinesiology bachelors, and basically im doing it to be a personal trainer but for private and like how you said in your video about the side hustle and how to do it. do you have a video about it ? if not can you ? please ? i didnt know what major i needed to study for but thanks to you, you guided me into the right direction and i want to go into the first topic you talked about but private, because i want to build my own gym also but while im studying i want to get that experience and that side hustle going. i love to workout and i want to get more in depth with it. any recomendations > or tips ?

  16. I’m a political science major but I’m doing stem classes on the side for PT school or personal trainer in the future. Is this common??

  17. 2:17 Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach
    5:05 Sports Strength and Conditioning Coach
    6:58 Exercise Physiologist
    8:56 Physical Therapist/Occupational Therapist
    11:30 Chiropractor

    Straight from the description in case y’all missed it

  18. what is a good path to get into sports medicine/sports field from a kinesiology pre physical therapy degree?

  19. Hey dude. Hope you’re doing well.
    I’m a certified professional from ACE and a certified strength coach from NCSF. I’m considering a masters of kinesiology from Canada. You think it would make sense considering I’m already certified and it would be a significant investment as am international student. Cheers!

  20. Would a kinesiology degree well prepare me to become a PE teacher? Do schools accept these degrees vs a degree in physical education?

  21. I’m currently in the process of getting my personal training certification. I have a huge passion for fitness and helping people, but I’m worried about making sales and getting clients. Is it necessary to be an extravert in this career?

  22. Love this video I am a senior student athlete at LRU Exercise Science major. I plan on applying to PT school this fall and if I don’t get accepted then I will get my masters and certification for strength and conditioning

  23. Thank you for your video, it was so informative and helpful. I would like to ask mainly on two questions on behalf of my friend, in his final year of master degree in kinesiology, final stage in writing his paper. The question is , 1)when is the most ideal time to start to look for a job? e.g. The paper will be all done around May, when would be the ideal time, or in other words, when do the students mostly start to look for a job) .2) What are the main routes/ sites to look for kinesiology related jobs? Thanks millions

  24. Great video. I have my bachelors degree in exercise science and have my NSCA CPT certification. Like u said being a trainer is good side money but I need secure income. I have to be realistic at this point being 27 years old. I have experience in college as assistant strength and conditioning coach, yet I don’t have CSCS yet. I also was thinking about getting my Exercise Physiologist certificate(not clinical) from ACSM. I need some money man. Secure money. I don’t know what to do. I just want to my money to solely depend on clientele. I need a hourly rate. Being a trainer at a gym like la fitness. You could get paid hourly but only if u have clients everyday back to back to back. Which is not realistic early

  25. I am planning on becoming an exercise physiologist in cardiac rehab, especially in the hospital setting. Do you think it would be good to get a master’s in clinical exercise physiology or just the bachelors in order to take the ACSM CEP? (if you happen to know since you said this was an area you were considering). Thank you!

  26. What’s your opinion on someone who wants to be a PTA with a Strength & Conditioning (CSCS) private training business as a side hustle?

  27. Is it possible to study and get a doctoral degree for both OT and PT? Or are they separate majors that you have to study for?

  28. Have my degree in Kinesiology. I’m a trainer and now trying to get my CEP scared because I don’t know of you can find clinical internship after college.

  29. Dr Le thank you for the info,I’m from Nigeria I’m a student of human kinetics pls I need recommendations on where to best further my studies for Msc and phD
    If possible help me with your whatsapp number to help me through I would really appreciate

  30. I’m a senior an athlete my gpa low so I’m going to two year college that has physical therapy assistant program I’m go there first and move georgia to goin kinesiology program what requirements do you need to go that program

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