Ultimate HIIT Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily – Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout

Ultimate HIIT Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily – Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout

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  1. It’s day one and I couldn’t even complete the full thing 🙂 hopefully I can in future lmao

  2. Hii….I am suffering from Plantar fasciitis… Please provide some excersize for this , Because these exercises are very painful for my foot.

  3. 1) dont call this simply a HIIT workout if most of the exercises work on the legs! Call this HIIT *lower body* workout

    2) stop saying it is the "last one" when you are at the second set!! That is misleading although you probably purposely did that to mentally weaken us. Stop it.


  4. its amazing how strong you get. I’m doing this workout after over a year and can feel the difference. definitely didnt get as tired and sore like I used to. love this workout!

  5. I thought I died after the first time, but here I am finishing this workout again day 2. Consistency is key…you can do this.
    180 —>160 here I come.

  6. Yes I definitely didn’t get bored doing this one well done!

  7. Came here to say, I used to struggle doing this video & I would only do cardio. I stopped doing cardio started lifting weights & came back to this video & did the whole video only using the water breaks. That being said.. start lifting weights

  8. Hello there. Your video was actually insightful! I have been trying to find for a vid similar to yours that breaks down the ideas in this vid. 👍Your tip really is like the videos from Dr. Ethan. Dr’s demonstrations are helpful and I learned a lot for finals. He is an insightful Doctor on YouTube and he explains conditions and vaccines.

    I suggest you see his channel out and give the med student a like here! ➡️ #DrEthanVideos

  9. Okay! Definitely found my go to work out. Gonna work hard Mon-Wed, yoga and Tai chi styles Thurs-Sat, Sunday cheet day. Good diet on Mon-Sat.

  10. I probably have another comment in here somewhere but i lost 20 pounds 2 years ago by doing this 4 times a week after school, and now I’m coming back to finally lose that quarantine weight. Thank you for this video, its hard for me to find one I can keep up with 🙂

  11. The first water break took me about 10 minutes until I felt I was not gonna pass out by continuing the workout. Felt great after I completed it 💪

  12. Thank you for this wonderful and empowering session. This is actually good for body and brain. My brain was not able to process few workout. So I had to do it slowly 🙂

  13. Kelly: Bored easily means you only have to do one round of burpees!

    Also Kelly: *Puts two different kinds of burpees in the workout*

  14. It’s the hardest exercise I have ever done, it’s kills everytime I do it, but man stick at it and u will see results!

  15. your workouts have changed my life. I’ve been doing them for almost 3 years now and these workouts have accompanied me through really hard times, I feel that by doing these workouts (almost) daily, I have improved my mental and physical health immensely. I’m in medical school and these workouts are my key to staying healthy when I have basically no time.

    Also I think you guys are the most wholesome workout channel EVER and thank you so much for the free content. I love your attitudes and how you’re not part of the whole gimmicky Botox “Instagram culture” thing. 💕

  16. The only reason why this video has dislikes is because they want everyone to know that this workout has beaten them to a pulp

  17. I haven’t done this one in ages, oh my god. Absolutely brutal on the legs 😭👍

  18. The silent stitch contrarily seal because cotton echographically drown opposite a blushing dedication. detailed, trashy rocket

  19. I have no problem running for an hour but this 26 minutes kicks my butt like nothing else 😓

  20. After doing this workout, I sweat a lot, I also drank a lot of water during my break, as a result I wanted to vomit … damn.

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