Under 15 Minute Beginner Resistance Band Workout [ Full Body ] 💪

Under 15 Minute Beginner Resistance Band Workout [ Full Body ] 💪

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• 8 total exercises in groups of 2 (supersets)
• 2 sets of each superset
• 30 sec on // 15 sec off // 30 sec extended break between supersets
• dumbbells or some type of resistance

1. Curls to Front Squats
2. High Crossover
3. Seated Wide Row
4. Push Ups
5. Lateral Lunge to Upright Row (Left)
6. Lateral Lunge to Upright Row (Right)
7. Bent Over Close Rows
8. Shoulder Press

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  1. Day 2. Of this workout. Started on Sunday. Gonna try to do every other day. For as long as I can.

  2. I definitely did exactly what you warned me about and hit myself in the face so hard with the resistance band I had to go to the emergency room as I caught it right in the eye. Fun times

  3. Thank you, i just bought resistance bands, didnt know what to do lol, you have any tips on using 8 lb medicine ball?

  4. Shits no joke!
    Trying out bands for the first time.
    Not happy with the ones I got but… I’m using em.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Under 15 Minute Beginner Resistance Band Workout. Just started doing it with my wife. Perfect workout for a couple in our 50’s who have been away from the gym for a while.

  6. Thanks for your video. I like the exercises but am not sure which muscles to target when performing them. Can you add a note on screen that mentions the target muscles?

  7. Loved this workout routine! Should i have different size resistance bands and what brand do you recommend? Thank you in advance for your help with this.

  8. Aww y’all so cute, uh oh baby crying aww….and Good workout and good teamwork!! This is perfect for me and the hubby ( we love working out together ) I just got these resistance band for Xmas…. they are not a joke, like some real dumbbells lol ….. New Subbie here ! Thx guys

  9. Thanks, just beginning. That got my heart rate up! In can’t believe that made me sweat. Using continuous bands… My hands hurt!

  10. i’m a beginner, this looks right up my alley, gonna give it a go on lowest resistents and gradually work up. I dont have much time in the day , and desperatly need some kind of fitness regime. Thanks for posting guys.

  11. Not a bad workout. Thanks. Would be better to have a warm up stretch before and to explain how to do each of the workouts before they come up.

  12. I bought heavy resistance bands thinking light would be too easy. Boy was I wrong. 4 minutes in and I was DONE.

  13. Just bought resistance bands today. I have never used them before and this was a great beginner video! Definitely feeling the burn afterward. The video felt like I was working out with friends! The crying baby hit home, I just put my 3 kids to bed. Real life!

  14. As im about to hit 40 i’ve made alot of changes in my life weight-loss is going well and this exercise routine is really helping me get into working out.

  15. Just got my tube bands yesterday and this was a great intro , thanks very much. Perfect workout with some yoga sun salutations to warm up , followed by your workout , then a headstand! Awesome. One point—when you change bands, I would like to if you’re changing up to heavier or down to lighter. There is no way of knowing. I just stayed with easy 30lbs from start to finish.

  16. Hey guys, just bought some resistance bands and done the workout with you. Are all bands the same length?I’m 6ft6 and worried they will snap if push up so my arms are straight whilst standing. My arms go half way to straight before I stop incase they do snap. Dont want one of those whipping my face haha

  17. I finished it! First time I finished it and did the whole thing without it hurting too bad! This workout is so amazing! I have Ankylosing Spondylitis so it’s hard for me to do most exercises. I will be doing this one daily. Thank you!

  18. 75 yrs old but took the best out of this working out for 1st time in years being a congestive heat failure then covid survivor. i know not to over do it 1st time. working myself up to using door anchor and other things on door, so thx for this help me get started, iI am going to take a before and after pic,

  19. I broke my ankle in December— this is perfect for me to start working out again. I really feel my whole body and core working which is exactly what I needed 🙌 thank you!

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