Wellbeing for Children: Healthy Habits

Wellbeing for Children: Healthy Habits

People are always telling us to be healthy–but what does that actually mean? Designed for primary or elementary school teaching, this video follows Maya as she learns how to create healthy habits involving her diet, sleep, physical activity, spending less time on her devices, and the value in finding a balance.

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  1. When all of these complimentary therapies come together for holistic healing from planet ayurveda, a person is much more likely to experience wellness on a deeper level that allows for a more joyful and truly healthy way of living.

  2. Cygnus means stop sending großssssssß stuff YouTube doesn’t go with you at alllllllllllllllllllllllĺl

  3. What are some things you can do to stay HEALTHY?

    you landed on the right video. Awesome speech and anime.

  4. I am a health educator and this is the best video I have ever seen describing health! I think this video would be great for adults too, just switch up a few things! Great video! Well done!

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