What Happens When You Eat 2,000kcal A Day?

What Happens When You Eat 2,000kcal A Day?

What would happen if you only ate 2,000 calories a day? How would it effect your physique, performance and lifestyle?

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  1. Help! I’m 17 6’1” and I am skinny… I can’t get myself to eat more than 1.5k calories a day and that’s ok my best day. Most of the time it’s 1k. How do I get myself to be more hungry? I already workout every day 😑

  2. It depends on the person for me eating 1510 calories is my maintenance so 2k is gaining weight 🤭 I’m a skinny bitch

  3. Fully aware of people’s misgivings about keto, especially for body building; but it makes it genuinely easy to eat low calorie numbers because your hunger hormones get suppressed

  4. if part of you is doing this because you think it is attractive to be that muscular: most girls really don’t think that is attractive. it does not impress us girls lol

  5. I accidently got distracted looking at his physique instead of listening so had to rewatch the video again.

  6. Can anyone help me, I’m eating 900 calories per day, male, and I’m still holding aloottttt of fat, need help

  7. What if your taking 1gram of protein per bodyweight , I’m sure you would keep your muscle even at 2k a day of calories.

  8. I’m right around 2800-3000 calls at 6’2” weighing 192 right around 10-13%

    I’m a yearling so I’m still working on my mind muscle connection and movements,I’m about to add some cals however as I am advancing and becoming hungrier

    Thank you 🙏

  9. first time viewer. my friend told me that when someone has space (a gap) in between their 3 left abs and 3 right abs in the middle, that implies steroids because naturally humans’ abs are tied together.


  10. You’re telling me to eat moore 😂 It’s funny the way you felt starving you’re self is the same way I fell now eating whatever I want now (terrible sleep, no energy, sex drive out the window) ….. I literally have no idea wtf I’m doing, macros, calories, reps it’s all jibberish to me so I just end up sitting around the house doing nothing. so basically what I heard was stop eating loss weight because ill tell ya what if I don’t sort this belly out I’m just gunna completely give up… I look at people like you and want to kms

    Sorry nothing inspirational here, just depressing

  11. My guy ur eating that 2K calories wrong 😂 u can simply get lower calorie dense foods and actually get good volume to not get hungry

  12. My challenge right now is eating 2000 calories but also getting the correct amount of fat, carbs, and protein. I find it impossible to do so and I either go way below or are in danger of going way too high in certain areas which would harm the body.

  13. me 6’2 eating 1800 and training hard asf watchin this and knowing for sure that i fucked up my metabolism


  15. 1:15 thanks a lot for that I wasnt gonna bother do any exercise before bed but now I am you fucker🤣🤣🤣😫

  16. Hello! I’m 5’9 and been on a 2k calorie diet for 3-4 months now, I’m at 69kg and as you say in the video looking skinny fat. I have visible abs and toned muscles but can’t seem to hit that ripped look. Going to start to eat more (2,250 cal) and increase 150-200 a week.

    However could anyone answer the following;

    – until what point should I stop adding calories
    – How much cardio a week ? (Currently on 30 mins a day)
    – How much weight training (currently on 5-6 hours a week)
    – What can I expect my body to do (gain muscle, gain weight, lean out?)

    Thank you in advance !

  17. I disagree with you, it depends on big the person is. I know a natural bobybuilder about 160lb
    cuts on 1800 cal a day. I do the same and if I eat about 2000 cals, I get FATTTTTTT!!!

  18. I eat 4K calories and burn 2k and I’m trying to bulk up is this right? I’m 17 and have a fast metabolism.

  19. I’m trying to consume 1700 per day to lose the belly fat. I weight train 7 days per week, and during each session I also do 2km row, 5km bike and 1km incline walk. I look good in the shoulders, chest and arms but I can’t get rid of the belly fat and side handles tho no matter what! It’s nightmare since I turned 40 years old I’ve gone from 12st to 13st but it’s just fat. Yea my arms have really filled out with the extra weight and I’m curling 24kg which is way more than bigger guys in the gym but I’d rather trade that stone for leaner mid section.

  20. Without training, I can run a 2 mile run in about 14:30min and after trying to cut some food this week, I couldn’t even finish a mile by day 4. I work out 5 days a week and was eating around 1000 calories a day. According to my BMR I was supposed to eat 3,480 to break even… needless to say this was the worst I’ve ever felt

  21. I’ve been on 2000 calories a day for the past 4 months. I am sedentary and am a 49 year old male. I started at 240lbs and am now 190lbs at 6’3” it hasn’t been easy but I have so many injuries from sports as a kid that this was the only way I could do it.

  22. I eat around 2,000 calories a day. I eat homemade foods most of the time. When I go out and eat fast food I obviously eat more calories than that. Is that enough calories to consume a day?

  23. Ok what about those of us that are obese and we want to get in shape? I’m 5’11” and 235lb and 30+ percent body fat. I totally eliminated all liquid calories. I only drink water, black coffee, or unsweetened tea. I avoid fast food and junk food as much as possible. I have aimed for 2000 calories per day and macros are usually around 40/30/30. It’s becoming obvious to me that it’s not really working. I lost maybe 10 lbs at first and now i’ve been sitting around 235lbs for a couple months. I’m not very close to any gyms, the closest one is 30 minutes away. It do have a rack, bar, and adjustable dumbbells in my garage. I workout some but I haven’t been very consistent this winter with the snow and ice. Most of the stories I see of obese people losing weight is, “oh I just stopped drinking soda”. Or, “I just stopped getting second helpings”. But that isn’t doing it for me.

    Should I up my calories and lift more? Or should I focus on more cardio?

  24. How about fixing skinny fat if you’re a woman? I’m only around 108lbs but my body fat is 30%. Would eating more calories than my BMR help to build more muscles or should I just keep cutting more?

  25. I’m a female and I remember trying to eat 2000 calories in a day. I actually threw up because it was way to much for me😂

  26. I’ve been trying to increase my calories but also trying to stay within the recommended protein intake of 2 grams per Kg of body weight. Which at 74 Kg puts me at just under 150 grams of protein. I’m finding this very difficult if not impossible. Is it okay to go beyond the 2g/Kg of body weight?

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