WHAT I EAT IN A DAY TO LOSE WEIGHT | 2000 Calories a day of Healthy Food

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY TO LOSE WEIGHT | 2000 Calories a day of Healthy Food

What I eat in a day to lose weight! 2000 calories a day

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  1. i feel you with the tracking! like i’m not about to weigh the 12 little blueberries I add in my oatmeal.. but sis……. that olive oil & butter adds up forreal πŸ₯΄

  2. πŸ₯šu be giving me ideas, for meals but I’m definitely gonna go to Trader Joe’s to see about that salad.

  3. I feel like 2000 cal won’t get me the results I want I do 1500 cuz what if I don’t feel like working out

  4. Keep doing you Brit, I love your videosπŸ’š I wanna start a small business, but I cant even think of a nameπŸ₯΄ I make custom tshirts.

  5. Please
    Put start weight in kilo
    Today weight in kilo

    How much you are losing per week

    What is your. Accirsize plan

  6. I just love watching your videos! It lets me know I’m not alone on this journey of counting calories and the inconsistency πŸ˜‚ sis it’s tough out here! You doing the damn thing though because baaaaaby that body is forming and looking good!

  7. Eggs not good fir you everyday to much chostreol love the nails so colorful my salmon don’t look that brown and pretty that’s a wonderful sandwich why you get a new camera just so you can film at the gym ??? When I come see if you fix me a sandwich like that bashfitt leggings are AMAZING don’t snooze on them oh wee a SALE go girl I am waiting on the Lorraine set cause it will be made in the name of JESUS where is your iPad just buying SHIT. Where is your foil for the air fryer LAZY

  8. Idk how tall you are or how often you exercise, but I don’t think most women can eat 2000cals a day and still lose weight, but I’m 5’0 so my caloric intake is offensively low.

  9. I bought the cinnamon roll flavor last night but haven’t taste it yet. I hear the pumpkin spice is also delish!!!! Waiting on you to restock Bash Fit in my size😩

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