What Is The Difference Between Health And Wellness?

What Is The Difference Between Health And Wellness?


What Is The Difference Between Health And Wellness?

Can Health and Wellness be seen as the same thing? What is Health without Wellness?

Welcome to another Wellness Wednesday! 😁Today discussion is an extension of last Wednesday’s content where we talked about How To Avoid Binge Eating While On Quarantine. In that video I talked about meal prep and how it is a way that one can avoid binge eating. This time I went into depth about why meal prepping is so important and what it can do to better your life and to help you live a healthier lifestyle. Whether it is one meal for a whole week or multiple meals for the whole week, it is time saver and helps you to keep more money in your pocket.

0:00 Intro
0:42 Definition of Health
1:30 Definition of Wellness
2:10 The difference between Health and Wellness

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By no means am I an expert, but I just like to use my experience and knowledge to help educate other people. If anyone has anything to add to our discussion today, please feel free to leave comment below. I would honestly enjoy seeing what you all have to contribute.I hope you all get something out of this and until our next Wellness Wednesday, be safe and take care of yourself.😁😁😁


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  1. Hey. I liked the vid so much. I’ve been trying to look for a video similar to yours that explains everything in this video! 👩‍⚕️Your breakdown really is like the vids of Dr Ethan! Doctor Ethan’s videos are for sure informative and I learned a lot for diet. He is a new medical student in Nottingham!

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  2. Awesome explanation! We are learning this in nursing school! People use the terms interchangeably and it isnt correct! I hope everyone understands this. The media can help too, but they sometimes use it by mistake. I appreciate this video! Kudos! You can be a professor!

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  5. Fantastic presentation!!! Having been a single mom with no support, while living with diagnoses including IBS, SIBO and Fibromyalgia, had me struggling with both health & wellness most of my life. It’s so good to hear someone else vocalize my internal struggle as I’ve spent my life pursuing wellness, but never achieving it 100% Then again, maybe the journey is what’s important, not so much the goal. At any rate, I have improved considerably over the years and am in the perfect place to hear your message and actually understand it now. Thank you for sharing!!

  6. Hey! I enjoyed this a lot. I’ve been trying to look for a video like yours that breaks down the topics in this YouTube vid. 🩺 👌 The part at 1:24 is my favorite. Your content totally is similar to the videos of Dr. Ethan. Dr Ethan’s tips are for sure insightful and he helped me a lot on my midterms. He is the most informative medical student in the UK and he explains mental health.

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