What Nutrition Advice Can You Give as a Personal Trainer?

What Nutrition Advice Can You Give as a Personal Trainer?

Are you wondering what you can tell you clients when it comes to nutrition?
Do you know exactly what it means to be a nutritionist?

As a trainer, knowing what you can discuss nutrition-wise with your clients while staying within your scope of practice can be tough. In this video, Jeff details what nutritional advice you can give to personal training clients while maintaining laws and ethical values.

Each state has their own laws and regulations regarding nutrition. You can find your states laws here:

For personal trainer forms and resources go to: https://www.commenceonlinetraining.com/downloads



To give extra guidance to clients from Precision Nutrition, check out their site:

Check us out here as well!

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  1. Hi there Jeff/Geoff, our Clinical Research Director is interested in interviewing you for our Youtube Channel. If you’re open to scheduling, please reach him either by phone at 877-698-3648 x 7018 or reply here and let us know how we can reach out to you for scheduling. Thanks.

  2. Hey there! Glad you cleared up what a nutritionist is for most! There is another form too. I am technically a nutritionist but I have a 4 year B.S. from Michigan State University (and soon rd2be yay!!) Just wanted to let you know that Michigan is in the process of passing a bill for licensure to practice MNT! and I think (not 100%) New Jersey just passed the bill! A little more is that starting in 2024 will have to have a master’s degree!

  3. Another great video Jeff! I definitely would love to see the detailed video of how you help a client achieve their nutrition goals 😊
    Question: do you set the caloric intake and macro breakdown for them or does the app do that?

  4. I’ve bee a PT myself for 9 months now,.taken a hige step.of.leaving a commercial.gym.to go out on my own. And the advice.you give on your channel is spot on it really helps me. You.should have way more subcribers

  5. So if I get a client that is a type 2 diabetic (I am a Type 2 diabetic) I cannot tell them what or how to eat? Can I at least tell them to minimize carbs unless they come from vegetables?

  6. Very informative i live in a green state so thats great until i get my nutrition cert. Thanks again!

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