What One Sip of Diet Soda Does to Your Brain

What One Sip of Diet Soda Does to Your Brain

Are diet sodas bad for you? Are they healthier than regular sodas? These are some of the questions many have on their mind.

Today, we’re looking into the science of Diet Soda. Is it the cure for the common cola or just another guilty pleasure? Let’s find out.


[History Of Soda]



[History Of Diet Soda]


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  1. Just stick with flavored or non-flavored sparkling water. Holy moly, only three ingredients! Well, natural spring, mineral water, is probably the bestest.

  2. They should never have quit making diet soda with Sacren . It’s far more healthy than aspertame.

  3. Watching your videos is like listening to my mom leave 3 long-winded voicemails about grabbing some milk for Hamburger Helper.

  4. Ever since lockdown began I’ve stopped drinking any fizzy drinks and now tbh I have no desire to have one whereas before I would want to drink them a lot.

  5. I got so sick drinking all those no sugar substitutes that I fell so sick and started vomiting on a daily basis with bad headaches. The same original recipes don’t have the same effect on me though.

  6. If you want to cure your illness, you will find good CBD products on the Weedborn website.

  7. Brew: alright cons of diet cola lets see… health risks… artificial sweeteners… **it’s not coffee, like seriously what kind of soda Isn’t coffee lol**

  8. Can someone just explain it without explaining the whole history of fizzy drinks? I’m tired of waiting so long for these types of videos to get to the point

  9. Soda is addictive. Addiction is bad.
    I guess water is just not good enough for some people.

  10. You can drink a diet cola and a regular cola and that way its double the signals for single the sugar 8)

  11. Water: Cleans your body, helps your blood circulation, hydrates and clean your skin.

    Carbonated drinks: Diabetes, Cancer, etc.

  12. My best friends mom got brain cancer from drinking Diet Pepsi constantly. She passed away.

  13. Going on almost a year of no soda. Feeling great and never having another drop for the rest of my life.

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