What You Should Really Know About Diet Coke

What You Should Really Know About Diet Coke

In 1982, Coca-Cola released Diet Coke, and people have been able to feel better about drinking soda ever since. Even though the soda became extremely popular right away, not many people knew that it was being developed, as the long development process was kept under wraps until the product was ready to be unveiled to the public. Even though Coke Zero has also become popular, many Coke drinkers still prefer the taste of Diet Coke, and the company has vowed that they won’t change the taste of it. Let’s take a look at what you should really know about Diet Coke.

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The secret invention | 0:00
Vs. Coke Zero Sugar | 1:22
Sink or swim? | 2:18
Will the formula change? | 3:20
Capital or lowercase D? | 4:18
Bad for tooth enamel | 5:23
Slumping sales, new flavors | 6:35
Weight gain | 7:40
Why it increases cravings | 8:40
Fries with that? | 9:44
A controversial chemical | 10:40
Mixers | 11:40

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  1. You did change it .l became to love diet cherry coke now since COVID I can’t get it any more. I know you came out with other flavors so it can’t be the lack of cans . I am a diabetic and need my diet cherry coke . Let us take a vote . Please thank you .

  2. Diet sodas of any kind are poisonous. Period! In fact, anything with Artificial Sweeteners are poisonous.

    I drank Diet Coke & Coke Zero (my favorite) for decades… Finally, decided to quit after reading about aspartame… I was ill for more than 2 weeks … No doubt a detox of sorts. My body rebelled; it wanted it’s poison. No different than a heroin addict, my body grew accustomed to the poison quite quickly and fought to give it up. Furthermore, aspartame actually results in weight gain not weight loss (I encourage all to research through WebMD or, better Mayo(sp?) Clinic).

    Free of aspartame for 2+ years, I feel so much better. I just do not indulge, on purpose, in anything with artificial sweeteners. PERIOD!

  3. OH COME ON! I GOT THE INSOMNIA! CRAVING MORE DIET COKE! GONNA PLAY NO MAN’S SKY, TILL THE CAFFEINE WEARS OFF! Lesson learned! Water is my friend. ASPARTAME WILL KILL MY CELLS! Water is my friend. Must sleep… must… sleep… CHOP SUEY! SYSTEM OF A DOWN!!!! ARRRRGH!!! No sleep. Suffer!!!!!

  4. I will never drink any diet soda it’s so much worse for you than regular soda and I always get sick from it, I once saw a woman give it to her son a Diet Coke at baseball game , I would never give a kid that I’d give him the real thing as a treat from time to time

  5. My mom said that putting diet coke on her face makes her skin better. I don’t believe her, at least not scientifically, but her skin does look like baby skin.

  6. If soft drink companies really "cared" about the consumer, they’d replace the aspartame with monk fruit.

  7. When I found out I had diabetes around five years ago, I switched to diet sodas and lost fifty pounds. Lately I’m grabbing Diet Rite (the original diet soda) because they seem to be the last ones still using sucralose. If only the others would use that or erythritol like the Monster drinks. If only we had caffeine-free White Monster, heh heh.

  8. They need to remove Sodium/Potassium Benzoate from all products in the US. Several Countries have outlawed the chemical, so why is it ok for the US? On its own, it is “dreamed safe”, but in a lot of products with other chemicals it is a dangerous chemical.

  9. It’s either calories or chemicals.
    I choose the chemicals. They are in everything else anyway 🤷‍♂️

    I also opt for Coke Zero

  10. I guess Diet Pepsi is pretty much the same concept of it being "unhealthy," huh? You can’t win when it comes to drinking your favorite liquids.

  11. 😂 I know this is a content farm. But the main difference between Coke Zero and Diet Coke is NOT the preservative. It’s the sweetener. Most Zero sodas have Acesulfame potassium. Most Diets have aspartame.

  12. Diet Coke is gross. In fact all diet drinks are. If you must drink soft drinks reduce the number you drink

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