What’s The Best Health Coach Certification?

What’s The Best Health Coach Certification?

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So you want to become a health coach, but you’re wondering what the best health coach certification is. In this weeks video, I share the truth about health coach certifications. And I walk you through the top things you want to think about when choosing the right health coaching program for YOU. Learn what really matters when it comes to creating a successful health coaching business.

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  1. Great video Kristen, I need to hear the part about it takes time and patience over and over. As you mention, the business aspect is soooo important and is often not thought about for new coaches.

  2. Thank you so much for this information !! I´m from Peru and I want to start a health coach programn to the next year , I´ll join to your group in FB to have more information 🙂

  3. Hi Kristin! My dream is to be a health coach for low income people. I feel like that is a big gap that needs to be filled for Americans. I’m half way towards my bachelors degree in healthy lifestyles coaching. Is it possible that money will come from doing that work? I don’t know how I can run a business that targets people with low cash flow. For me, I feel it’s more important to get a person healthy but it’d be nice to think I would make some kind of money after I graduate.

  4. Great video, definitely giving me some food for thought on questions I need to ask myself before I decide on my certification program.

  5. What questions do you have about choosing the best coaching certification? Let me know in the comments below! Also, if you have any additional insight around this, feel free to share. 🙂

  6. Thank you! This is really useful. I’m currently doing my life coach certification by Jay Shetty. I prefer not to be called a life coach as I have always been put off with the title. But health and wellness coach or something similar is far more meaningful. Good to know that additional certification is not essential 😃

  7. Hello, I was comparing different schools and I am a little leery of spending like 5000.00. Especially if it’s not required to have a certificate.

  8. The National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches has certified over 3,000 coaches and there are over 50 approved programs that qualify a coach to sit for the test. NBC-HWC certification qualifies a coach for a new CPT-4 billing code that is currently at level 3 and should be available for insurance billing in a couple of years. So if you are interested in collaborating with physicians this might be an option for you to look into. The exam is very rigorous and provides an extra level of credibility as a health coach.

  9. Thanks Kristen, this video is really important and full of great advice. It’s important to recognize that health coaching isn’t regulated, BUT that there are opportunities for insurance billing coming down the pipeline for those that are board certified. I’m finishing up my MPH right now (graduate in May!) and in 2019 I got my BS in Exercise Science, my CPT through ACSM shortly after, and have been working at a PT clinic ever since, a little on the public gym side in the beginning, and now as the front office doing mostly insurance stuff. Through my experience I’ve come to the conclusion that I hate insurance billing. However, I struggle with whether or not I want to limit my type of client in the future, meaning if the CPT-4 codes reach level 1 and health coaching can be covered by insurance, do I want to deal with that or not. I still don’t know, but something to consider. As for certification, I know I need to have more nutrition training, coaching training, and business training. I was thinking of the Wellcoaches cert as that prepares for a seat on the board exam, as well as counts for CEC’s for my ACSM cert, but now I just don’t know. More research to be had!

  10. Do you have to have the certification if you want to add nutrition into that. I would like to be a health coach/nutritionist? I want to be able to help people with getting their biometrics and vitamins and minerals in range to help straighten their biometric screens in range.

  11. Hey. I have been watching your channel since I enrolled at Arizona State University (about a year and a half). My major is in Health Science (Healthy Lifestyles Coaching) and I graduate in December. I have been debating if I want to get board-certified, but I don’t think it’s necessary. In the health coaching classes at ASU, many exam questions are the same as the NBHWC practice exams. The professor that teaches the health and wellness classes worked or helped create the exam questions for NBHWC.

    After watching your video, I leaning towards not getting the certification. I’m going to focus on getting certified as a strength coach. I believe this will help me create a niche. Thanks for the quality advice you upload.

  12. Great info! I am thinking of getting certified from The Soma Institute…do you have any feedback about them that would be helpful? Thanks!

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