What's Your Fitness Level??? 9 Minute Workout Challenge

What's Your Fitness Level??? 9 Minute Workout Challenge

You want to be the best? Take the test! 😀
Here’s a great workout to test your fitness level while improving it.
Rules: Every time you have to rest/stop take only 10 seconds and start again. Every break drops you down 1 fitness level.
You start at level 10! Can you keep it?

Let me know how you did in the comments and get subscribed if you’re enjoying the content 🙏


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  1. Hey Gabriel what was your routine with the heavy bag in Thailande (200 knees, 200 middles, 1 round footwork, 1 round defense, etc) ? It would help me for this quarantine with my bag 🙂

  2. I have a feeling that my son will be 15 minutes late logging into online school on Monday! Healthy body, healthy mind. Thank you, sir.

  3. Greetings from Portugal…could you show us your best techniques to avoid grapplers in MMA? Thanks for your time…

  4. Level 8, horribleeeee form at the end xD Defo will come back to try achieve that 10 😀 (I dont know why but what I felt the most were my shoulders during mountain climbers. As always keep up the great content! <3

  5. 1st time I did anything like this. 9/10. But… No rules about the pace. How many repetitions per exercise? Couldn’t watch the video while working, so I couldn’t check if I was as fast as you. Maybe next time with counting repetitions?
    Btw. Excellent channel!

  6. 41 yrs old…unemployed maintenance man….not a mma fighter….need hip replacement surgery….made it to 7:31 of video until I tapped. Any others try this who aren’t combat sports or semi pro athletes? I’m curious where my fitness is compared to others?

  7. Hello! I loved this a lot. I’ve been trying to research for a YouTube video that teaches the topics in this video! 👩‍⚕️ 👍Your breakdown really is like the channel of this smart medical student Doctor Ethan! Doctor Ethan’s explanations are educational and I really learned a lot for finals. He is a cool medical student.

    I suggest you see his channel out and give Dr Ethan a like! ➡️ #DrEthanEducational

  8. Coach, Thank you this very hard test…

    Do you know new “Royal Marines test“ audio test… 4 exercise three rounds……

  9. Good test! A lot harder than it looks, I thought this wouldve been easier lol, still got a 10/10 though, but I started to struggle when it started getting to 1 min rds, came through but that was tougher than it looked at least for me lmao

  10. I got two breaks, and to make sure I had to get no more than two is like fighting for "dear life"!!!

    Also, I realized how heavy it’s on the shoulder, especially if you’re not used to these kind of stuffs often

  11. Hello Sensei…… You Extreme Well fit to be the Best in Championship fights……
    Your body and fitness and Championships say alot about You.
    And No One can take that Away from you…..👍👍👍👍💪💪💪
    Great Accomplishment

  12. I wonder if anybody is ever "in" total shape or if there’s always room to improve conditioning speed power strength etc.

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