You Will Never Drink A Coca Cola Again After Watching This Video

You Will Never Drink A Coca Cola Again After Watching This Video

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Let’s see How much sugar is in Coca Cola Classic

‘Some people don’t realise how much sugar there is in Coca-Cola,’ admits the company’s PRESIDENT – as it emerges a large cinema serving contains 44 teaspoons of sugar

The European president of Coca-Cola has admitted that some customers ‘don’t realise’ how much sugar is in the company’s drinks.
Speaking on Newsnight, James Quincey also conceded that ‘things need to change’ and servings had to reduce in size.
The admission came after Jeremy Paxman took him to task on the size of servings available in cinemas – some of which contain a staggering 44 teaspoons of sugar.
When asked by Mr Paxman what good Coca-Cola did its consumers, Mr Quincey said: ‘It does have some sugar in it… it has energy, but is it a necessity? No it’s not. But millions of people enjoy it as part of their diet across the UK.’
Mr Quincey also pointed put that a regular can of the drink – which contains 35g or six teaspoons of sugar – was similar in calories to ‘a cappuccino or a half a croissant’.
He stressed that the company was working hard to promote the calorie and sugar content of its products so that consumers could make informed choices.
But when asked by Mr Paxman if he thought people had any idea how much sugar is in small and large servings of Coke at the cinema, he was forced to reply: ‘I think maybe they don’t’,
He conceded: ‘Things need to change and the bigger cups need to come down,’ he said.
A ‘small’ cinema serving is said to contain a 23 teaspoons on sugar, while a large contains 44 – ‘each to be consumed in a single sitting,’ Mr Paxman added.

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  1. And this does mean something people, if you don’t want to be fat don’t overconsume. That goes with anything. Nobody should have excess weight unless it is a medical condition.

  2. “I’ll forever love you even if you’re doomed
    We’ll always be together ‘cause we’re both under the moon”

  3. When you evaporate all of the water you are left with corn syrup. This video is dumb. Coke Zero does not have corn syrup but aspartame and other artificial sweetners that are even worse. Basically you are better off drinking regular coke with corn syrup than coke Zero. In Brazil they have real sugar cane sodas in their sodas namely pepsi so that is even better than american coke or pepsi. Asparame and other artificial sweetness cause cancers.

  4. I have never seen a video with 4mil views and only 22k likes LOL wonder which side ppl are on in this one kek

  5. The evaporating temperature of sugar is far higher than any substance the black thing you see is the amount of sugar in it

  6. •Mexicans are the biggest consumers of sugary drinks in the world.

    •They believe Coca Cola has benefits like healing properties. A Mexican woman featured in the video prays over the Coca Cola and gives it to people, says she sells 50 crates a day. She also says diabetes comes from anger and problems in families when people yell and scold each other it makes diabetes come about. She also says diabetes from sugary drinks is a lie, and said since she’s 51 and nothing has happened to her, she feels it’s a lie.

    •Diabetes is very common and many pass away from it in Chiapas. Health officials in Chiapas have declared a diabetes emergency.

    •Pedro, is one of the mexican men featured in the video and everyone in his family has diabetes.

    •Chiapas is in need of clean water, residents can not drink tap water because it comes out of the pipes dirty, but they have plenty of places in Chiapa that you can buy Coca Cola from. They tested the water in Chiapa and found there is a high concentration of E-Coli in the water.

    •The end of the video features another funeral that happened for a man in his 50s and the cause of death was diabetes.

  7. I feel bad for other YouTubers working so hard making long videos only to have some guy cook some Coca cola and get a over a million views. 🤦🤦🤦 Idiocracy at it’s finest.

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