Zarzaur Law, P.A. TV: Can Joe's Post COVID-19 Infection Antibodies Protect Him and Others?

Zarzaur Law, P.A. TV: Can Joe's Post COVID-19 Infection Antibodies Protect Him and Others?

Brought to you by Zarzaur Law, P.A. – Today’s COVID-19 update with Joe Zarzaur and Dr. Evan Malone discuss antibodies, post COVID-19 Infection.

Topics include:
1. Joe’s post COVID-19 infection antibodies test results

2. What do the results mean?
Persistence of Antibody

COVID survivors may have four months of protection

3. How long are the antibodies effective and how long will Joe be immune from COVID-19 from entering his cells?

Four scenarios on how we might develop immunity to Covid-19

4. Can antibodies really help? When should testing occur?

5. Getting back to normal exercise routine is not the same and how COVID-19 is still effecting Joe.

6. Current percent of positivity rates
Escambia County Data 10/13/20

7. Remember – Stay masked and continue healthy habits

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