✅Rebound Trampoline Workout for Beginners | Lose Weight & Tone Body | Pure Rebounding Fun!

✅Rebound Trampoline Workout for Beginners | Lose Weight & Tone Body | Pure Rebounding Fun!

The Townsend Twins Chloe and Francesca present “double-trouble” in this workout suitable for rebounding beginners. They include progressions to provide a more challenging workout as your rebound fitness improves!

With cardio, conditioning and core work, whether you do 10 minutes or the full 30 minute workout you are sure to lose weight fast and strengthen every cell in your body!

This workout is best completed on a Professional rebounder designed and manufactured for safe and effective rebounding exercise by Rebound Fitness – visit www.rebound.fitness.

We are offering You Tube Customers Special Offers on the purchase of rebounders from Rebound Fitness – to see the current offers visit www.rebound.fitness/youtube/

Please note that it is impossible to achieve the calorie burn, fitness and all the health benefits trying to perform this workout on a cheap, poorly sprung, light weight mini trampoline. There are many different types of mini trampoline on the market. Trampolines costing under £100 are more for toy use (rather than adult exercise); typically they have small springs that often insert directly into the rim of the trampoline so it is not low impact, can damage your joints, and often will buckle the rim rendering the unit useless. With a Pro Rebounder / Mini Trampoline they are sprung to a specific tensions (whether springs or bungee model) to provide a low impact and resilient bounce that protects your joints, but also forces your core muscles to engage involuntary (without thinking about it!). The core/abdominal workout you achieve using one of our Rebound Fitness branded Pro rebounders and following our professional rebounding workouts is quite remarkable.

It is worth investing in a Pro Rebounder to ensure that you reap all the benefits that are achievable from Rebounding exercise. Your Body DESERVES it!

Follow this link to see the things to look for when purchasing a rebounder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OWtlVLHq3Y

Rebound Fitness have designed and manufacture 6 different rebounders to suit different budgets and needs. We pride ourselves on great Customer Service – you will see our reviews on Trustpilot (https://www.trustpilot.com/review/rebound.fitness) and on Amazon in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

Our website shop provides full details on the features and specification of our Pro Rebounders (www.rebound.fitness/rebounders/) and if you require additional support please contact our friendly support team on service@rebound.fitness

Research into rebounding has proven many health benefits including burning 100s of calories, melting body fat, stimulating lymphatic drainage, activating deep core muscles and strengthening bones and joints. Most of all our workouts are designed to help you enjoy working out. Check out of Blogs (https://rebound.fitness/blog/) and VLOGS on You Tube.

It’s time to put the FUN back into GETTING FIT!!

The Rebound Fitness Series is offered FREE on You Tube, with additional Premium workouts available on our Website to those who purchase our Rebounders and Premium Subscription.

We are Rebound Fitness -The Rebounding Experts and our Mission is to get the Nation bouncing, regardless of age, gender or fitness level. We are committed to ongoing investment in the design and manufacture of high quality professional rebounders, mini trampolines and accessories, and in filming exciting and fun workouts to keep you motivated and challenged in your workouts.

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Come Bounce With Us!
James, Heather and the Rebound Fitness team


  1. I recently bought a trampoline and I stumbled (ha!) upon you guys, amazing job! It was fun and not threatening at all, you gals really make it fun, and your attention to one’s comfort zone is awesome! Good job!

  2. hi ladies been doing this workout for just over a werk 5 days a week. love your workouts .i dont have a rebounder trampolone so is a normal mini fitness trampoline ok to do your workouts .you just got to love these two sisters workouts thkyou xx

  3. Absolutely LOVE the pants! I have b/g twins so I love that you two are working together! I just got my rebounder from Leaps and Rebounds (need to lose that baby weight!) but wasn’t sure where to begin. This was a helpful video that gives me a starting point! Thanks!

  4. How important is it to purchase a rebounder with a T-bar? I’m looking at the Bellicon brand. Is it just used for initial stability until you get comfortable or is it also used for more demanding training down the road? Thanks for your guidance on this!

  5. Are there any other rebound videos that these two have done can someone point me in the right direction please

  6. what type of rebounder are you using ?? I have one with springs . It seems less "giving" than yours. I have heard that the ones with bungee cords are better for you ??

  7. When will you be posting more video’s please!!I’m looking for a low impact fat burn tone exercise series I had 2 discectomy and I love my rebound trampoline need more video’s I can do I’m sure I’m not the only one !!

  8. Loved this workout. Just started rebounding about 3 weeks ago and so glad that I found this video. These two are so much fun and make rebounding more enjoyable. Looking forward to more videos from them.

  9. Thanks for sharing! I watch what I eat extremely careful and counting calories when I am working out. But sometimes it is not enough. You really have commit your mindset to have a healthier life style and better physique. I do have craving a lot of times but just need to get it under control lol. I also use supplements to support my weight loss effort so makes my life easier. One of the brand is called Vanguard Formulas, one of the best so far and without side effects. It did help me to make my weight loss goal much easier. Google it, it should help you too.

  10. Thank you so much for this workout! I am a rebounding newbie. I came across this video and I love it! I’m three days in and love the workout more each time. Best of all, I’ve finally found a workout that doesn’t hurt my back! The routine seems perfect for beginners and you girls are super fun and encouraging.

  11. This is the first video on rebounding that I clicked. Both of you are so cute! Love this beginner’s session, this is my first time on a rebounder and you have helped me ease into the rebounder. Love the pause and Grab a drink that you have added it which is perfect! Thank you for the amazing workout. 👍🏻

  12. 19 minutes left and my calfs are burninggggg ( i did this yesterday tooo 😀 yaa ya tomorrow !)

  13. Picked it up at the US retail shop I volunteer at and its the best money spent….might have cost me $10 US. Today after months of sciatica pain…my mind and body said get to jumping and this was the best decision and workout ever. You are now on repeat and in my life. I am a video workout junkie. Thanks for showing me all the great things I can do with my trampoline. Much appreciated.

  14. Great workout-I am new to rebounding. This is my 4th workout and I have really enjoyed your workout 🤗!

  15. PerfGreat workout! But the keep the stretches at least 30 seconds for long temr benefits on your flexibility. Just pause the video and this is just perfect 😉

  16. Hi my name Ivy P I am 8. I have just got a trampoline and done your workout I loved it.( your outfits are amazing )

  17. As a 68 year old woman, I have been slowly doing Pilates and rebounder for seniors. This is great.

  18. This is wonderful. I have been looking for a little challenge. And I found it!! Perfect👍💓

  19. One of the best rebounder workout for beginners, hands down! I love just about everything about it: the way you guys show every shade of easy and hard versions of the same exercise; how you both encourage everyone to do their best while still saying it’s okay to stick to the easy version; the way you guide us through all the exercises, reminding us which is one is next; even how this video has been filmed, because it makes it easy to follow along. Keep up the good work!

  20. Thank you! I was needing this! During the first quarantine I managed to tear my calf off, so I was scared of working out again. I got myself a mini trampoline and here I am. Grateful! May I ask you a video with a proper stretching after this workout? Thanks

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