10 Best Swiss Ball Exercises (Basic) – Ask Doctor Jo

10 Best Swiss Ball Exercises (Basic) – Ask Doctor Jo

Using a Swiss ball (a.k.a. exercise ball, therapy ball, etc.) can be a great way to work your core & balance. These basic Swiss ball exercises are good ones to begin with if you are just starting out. Buy a printable worksheet with the Swiss Ball exercises in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/purchase-swiss-ball-basic-worksheet

A Swiss ball is very unstable and even sitting on the ball can be challenging, so make sure you are in a safe environment and have someone with you to hold the ball the first few times you try it.

Once you have mastered these basic Swiss ball exercises, you may want to check out some more advanced Swiss ball exercises here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTV7y8_-BSI

The first Swiss ball exercise is really just showing the proper body mechanics for the ball. You want the ball to be the right height for best results.

The next ones are hip circles, pelvic tilts, and lateral tilts. These are a great way to loosen up the low back and pelvis, and get use to sitting on the ball.

Then getting a little harder there’s hip flexion, knee extension, and arm lifts. Once you start getting movement of your arms and legs, it makes it harder to balance.

The last ones are hip flexion with opposite arm lifts, hip flexion with same side arm lifts, and crunches. Make sure you can do the other ones before trying these since they are harder to do balancing on the ball.

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10 Best Swiss Ball Exercises (Basic):

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  1. Congrats for the teaching; good tips! Thanks a lot! And thank you to bring your dog… I enjoy seeing that! Do more videos with these amazing creatures ( I saw in other your video that you have other dog)… is so good to see them!!!🌸

  2. hi dr love your channel, you helped me more then you think.
    i was wondering if you can make a video about "pointy elbows. or how to fix them. thank you.

  3. My question for you Dr Joe is do you have a video to cure flat back syndrome ? How to create the curvature after 50?
    Thank you 🙏

  4. Thanks so much for your demos using the Swiss ball. Could you also add some explanations as to how each exercise is beneficial and for what purpose it serves? Could you also add what muscles are being used/strengthened? I would really appreciate that. (Lots of love to your 4-legged buddies)

  5. Exactly what I was looking for. Just ordered ball, senior user so appreciative of how to start out safely. Planning to provide bit of ‘base’ (to hopefully keep it in one place until more adept at using it) and also be near wall.

  6. I can’t keep up with all the good information you give!
    ☺ still trying to learn all those great neck stretching exercises on your last video.

  7. Dr Jo I used to do Swiss ball before my total hip replacement. I’m cleared from doctor to start back at gym to strengthen again. Is my Swiss ball a good place to start. I’ve done all my other exercises faithfully and cleared!

  8. Hi Doctor Jo. Your Swiss ball videos are great. I really feel the muscle soreness/DOMS after exercises like this. Especially the more advanced exercises. Do you wait for the soreness to subside before trying another workout? I should watch your DOMS video again! 🤔👍

  9. Hi Dr Jo,

    My wife and I love your videos. We both suffer from some work related injuries and struggle with movement. Any chance we would see some yoga in the future?



  10. Dr J0 you’re so amazing and your videos are very helpful. I broke mu humerus and your videos are my main PT guide. Also you answer to every comments and that is priceless. keep it that way and thanks for everything!

  11. Ty so much. 🌿 Dr Jo, do you approve of "bouncing" or "rebounding" on an a Swiss ball or Yoga ball, for exercise?

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