10 SHOPPING SECRETS Costco Doesn't Want You to Know!

10 SHOPPING SECRETS Costco Doesn't Want You to Know!

Save a bunch of money at Costco with these 10 amazing secrets I discovered! Everyone knows Costco is a great place to find bargains, but with these tips you will save a LOT more! Find out more here: https://bit.ly/2zXYV7M

I’ve been shopping at Costco for a long time. I often hunt for Costco Deals and Costco Freebies so this video is long over due. People always ask me for Costco deals today and for the month. A lot of people think the cheapest stuff is costco clearance shopping but really these 10 shopping secrets will get you things a lot faster.

In this video The Deal Guy is showing you the 10 secrets costco doesnt want you to know. If you wonder what secrets costco hides from you then this video will interest you. Aside from costco couponing other hidden secrets videos this video will really help you with some costco tips and hidden secrets.

Don’t miss these shopping secrets about costco. I hope you enjoy the video and lean things you didnt know about Costco, maybe it will help you solve Costco vs Sams Club. These secrets apply to Costco Canada and Costco Australia too.

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  1. I was at Costco looking around while my car was getting tires. My friend and I got a pizza which we were eating while waiting in the checkout line. This weirdo walked up and opened the pizza box that was in our cart. We told him if he was that hungry then he could have a slice. He looked at us then looked in the box again?
    This time we said what is your problem? He didn’t say a word and walked away to two other thugs shaking his head.
    These guys were Costco’s idea of undercover security which didn’t make any sense because we were in the checkout line and we had already paid for the tires and pizza which were beyond the checkout.
    So I’m not a fan of Costco and have not been there since.

  2. If you buy a lot of Chicken Bakes just buy the frozen ones for less than half the price. A family friend of ours would make their own salads and sandwiches at the food court rather than buy them ready made saving big bucks I’m sure lol hey, they were Asian immigrants so xD but I thought this was genius if you need to save a buck.

  3. I’m a professional chef and the Kirkland brand of thick cut bacon is probably one of the best store bought bacon’s I’ve ever had

  4. One thing that you missed is that if there is a display item left in furniture and they are not restocking you can get a discount on the display item … got my table like that with a $120 discount

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  6. Thank you all so much for being here with me. I am so grateful for everyone who watches and subscribes to my channel. I hope you are enjoying this new type of content. If there is anything else you’d like to see, comment below 😀

  7. Kirkland toilet paper is the best on the market. The Kirkland 2-pack body lotion is just as lux as big name brands for a better price. It’s also better savings to get shampoo at Costco.

  8. The Kirkland paper towels are great as well. I thought I was getting a deal by buying Bounty, but I felt the Kirkland brand was a better quicker picker upper lol.

  9. *FACT:*
    The *KIRKLAND* brand is *ALWAYS* an item that they GUARANTEE will either meet or beat the name brand item!!

    You can *ALWAYS GUARANTEE* that *KIRKLAND* products are top notch at a discounted price.

    An example of this was when I used Paul Mitchell hair products and I would buy Paul Mitchell for myself and *KIRKLAND* shampoo and conditioner for the rest of my family.

    I ran out of shampoo one day and had to use the *KIRKLAND* brand. *MUCH* to my surprise, I discovered that they were *IDENTICAL.*

    Since I personally knew the manager at our local Costco, I asked him about it and he *CONFIRMED* that they were the *EXACT* same identical products!!

    You will find this to be true of *ALL KIRKLAND* brand products!! I have used jKIRKLAND* products for over 30 years now, and without a doubt, they are hands down the *REAL DEAL!!!* You absolutely *CANNOT* go wrong by purchasing the *KIRKLAND* products, as they are *TOP* shelf, top of the line products at a discounted price and *Costco guarantees 100% money back if you are NOT satisfied for ANY reason.*

    How can you go wrong with that?

  10. Hi I really like the kirkland. shower gel made with avocado because you just need a little squirt on your loufa sponge when showering ; the price is good and the big bottle last a long time ps I not sure if the Kirkland product is still in the store could you please let me know if it’s still available I would really appreciate it so much ps my name. Is Mrs Louise Sherwood 😊Thank you ps by the these reviews of managing sales are great tips to write or note in note pad or key points in your your note I phone or I pad to keep up to date with. reminders:keep up the great information key pointers 😃:

  11. Kirkland paper towels and toilet paper are great along with many of the food products (olive oil, milk eggs, chicken etc)

  12. As a current Costco employee, In some states you don’t need a membership to purchase liquor. It’s just that most employees don’t know about this so the person checking for your membership card at the entrance won’t know about it.

  13. Kirkland dog food. I had adopted a dog with an autoimmune reaction to a vaccine and had to drastically change its diet. Once he started healing, I switched him to the Kirkland brand and he thrived on it. The two dogs we have now were on a very cheap brand when we adopted them and they had terrible gas and skin problems. We switched them to the same stuff as our earlier dog and have almost completely remedied their conditions. I’m sold! Nature’s Domain beef and sweet potato.

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  15. Bonus tip: Always buy the chicken.
    They always got a hot fresh whole ass chicken near the back. It’s such a good deal, they lose money on it!

    P. S. My fav is the lemon pepper!
    P.P.S. It’s $5!

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