15 MIN DANCE PARTY WORKOUT – Full Body/No Equipment

15 MIN DANCE PARTY WORKOUT – Full Body/No Equipment

A full body DANCE cardio routine to some throwback/ 2000’s music! A great way to get a sweat on, and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Music from: Beyoncé, Pussy Cat Dolls, Usher, and Rhianna! Dance Fitness!!
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  1. Hi…
    Hope you see my question and make a honest reply… if a do this workout once every day… wil i lose some weight?

  2. I cam here because my car dealership didn’t book my appointment for replacing my tires like they said they did. Took away my gym time and I didn’t bring my gym clothes in my work bag …my gym is 25 mins from my house…but my laptop is right there……yyyyeeeeessss, goooood…..

  3. I am older – 50, and I LOVED this – great workout & FUN! I love my older lady workouts, but now & again it’s fun to just DANCE! (as long as there are no witnesses). Will be checking out more of your routines! Thanks!

  4. Ok i am gonna try this..looks fun but i know il be dead by the time i reach the second song..😂😂..i hope i survive whatever i am about to do🥴🥴

  5. ma’am your enthusiasm is INFECTIOUS. my body feels like it weighs a TON but this was just too fun not to finish

  6. Tracking my progress 🤍

    Day1: I didn’t really have much of a burn but you might, I sweat a lot In this workout.

    Day2:not much of a burn, lot of sweating.


  7. I love these workouts!!! I found this channel about a week ago and I’ve done so many already! I wish she had some with other types of music tho, not just pop.

  8. Actually, I liked this workout a lot. However, wont do it again as all these commercials during the workout are soooo enoying. In the beginning, Im fine with it but all these commercial breaks are too much.

  9. DANCE WITH ME! 💃 This video was honestly my favourite to create and film. I really hope you guys enjoyed it!! Again, a HUGE thank you for all your support. Can’t believe we are at 3M + subscribers in this community 🤯🥳

  10. My twin daughters and I love this dance routine! Usually minimal
    Ads Interrupt, but today about 5 popped up throughout the routine.

  11. Hi! I am in quarantine in Hong Kong & thank you so much for this! I am sweating so much & I needed this to lose the fat I have gained from last year courtesy of the lock down thanks to COVID-19! THANK YOU!

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