30-Minute Calorie-Burning, Toning Workout From the NW Method

30-Minute Calorie-Burning, Toning Workout From the NW Method

Burn major calories with this toning workout from the NW Method by Nicole Winhoffer. All you need is a towel! If you love this workout, be sure to check out Nicole Winhoffer at the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival in Miami (June 2), New York (July 14), and Chicago (August 11). Get your tickets here: www.propelcolabs.com/PS.

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  1. This workout was not for me, repetitive moves, old school leg lifts. Bring back the HITT workouts

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  3. Nope. If I were psychic and knew the moves she was going to transition into, it would be an ok workout…but because I’m not, I wouldn’t recommend. Some beginning moves are easy to jump into, but otherwise, no bueno.

  4. A lot of the movements with the towel hurt my elbows since I am hyper-extended. Any tips on how to avoid that pain?

  5. This is not well-balancing training at all 🙁 maybe it fits sb., but it would be better to warn if the workout is built on a "mirror" principle and the load is divided so unevenly. It may be really hurtful for inexperienced people who, as I, have the problem with hip joints and sciatic nerves, but are not able to modify a program for themselves.

  6. Second time doing this workout and it still killed me!☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  7. I actually don´t really understand all this negative comments. Maybe it´s a little bit hard for beginners but I would fully recommend it to anyone who wants a good burn. I was looking for a hard full body workout and this one really made my whole body burn. (sorry for language mistakes. English isn´t my native language )

  8. This workout was aaahhhhhhhmaaaaaazing!!! I almost quit after the first 2 minutes because I wasn’t sure it was going to give me the burn I was looking for. Stick with it! My whole body was shaking by the end. She targets all of those small supporting muscles and you WILL feel the burn! I’ll be lucky if I can walk tomorrow but I know I’ll be doing this one at least once a week to get my body super toned this summer. Another awesome workout by PopSugar Fitness!

  9. Wow! This was so so difficult and definitely the motivator I needed today. Sweating so much!

  10. I usually like your workouts but this one was pretty disappointing. The movements lacked proper explanation – espacially if you are a beginner you could easily hurt yourself or train your muscels in an unbalanced way. Plus all the empty "motivation" talk was really annoying, she is just dropping meaningless phrases without any context. The intensity was great though.

  11. Ha-Ha! Oh, my goodness, I kind of fell apart after 10 minutes, but I am going to work up to the whole thing. Such a creative, lighthearted, yet physically intense routine. Thanks!

  12. @POPSUGAR FITNESS our muscles where crying totalbody burn out!!!!!!!!!!!!! And very challenging also.☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  13. So different and so soooo good! Loved every moment of this workout! Please do more of these kind! Enjoyed it!

  14. Added a level of interest with the towel, but difficult to see how to do each move initially and the instructor didn’t spend a lot of time explaining the moves.

  15. Love how accommodating this is!! Just me and my towel… definitely trying this out tomorrow morning ❤❤

  16. this was really fun and went by faster than I expected. Also more challenging than I thought it would be, I broke a great sweat from it and felt like I got in a good workout.

  17. What manner of exercise is this I really had to ask myself …had to pause the video sooo many time to get those reps in lolzzz.lord help me,she was moving so fast but great fantastic burn I feel like I loose 5 pounds just effortly attempting these moves 😂

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