30-Minute High-Intensity Workout That Fuses Cardio and Pilates Moves

30-Minute High-Intensity Workout That Fuses Cardio and Pilates Moves

Boost your endorphins with this high-intensity workout that fuses cardio with Pilates moves. Celebrity trainer Kit Rich has designed this full-body workout to challenge you, and her inspiring personality will keep you motivated throughout. Enjoy a cup of Yogi Green Tea Kombucha Tea to keep your good vibes all day long. If you love this workout, you can find more from Kit on her Glow shop:https://glow.popsugar.com/@KitRich

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  1. I absolutely adore how she ends a workout asking to think of something to be grateful for – it’s really heartwarming for me. Love her!

  2. Im gratefull for online school so i dont have to be embarrassed in front of another 24 kids


  3. I just loved this work out! Amazing energy during the whole training and the closing was the strawberry of the cake. Thank you for giving us this work out 🙏

  4. The little meditation in the end is so amazing…makes you feel calm and grateful ♥️

  5. U all r superstars for me because I really benefit from this exercise s with perfection camera right placed

  6. Thank you Kit Rich for all this workout especially in this time of pandemic! God bless you & your family!

  7. That was the most intense Kit Rich workout I’ve experienced here on Popsugar. I am sweating buckets and not feeling guilty that I didn’t go on my Sunday run. I am grateful for many things and your workouts are on my list!

  8. This was wonderful! It kicked my butt but I feel amazing now so it was totally worth it! Thanks Kit and PopSugar!

  9. Awesome workout! Loved it. Thank you for the positive messages. Beautiful ending. Can’t wait for the next one!

  10. This workout was amazing! Kit’s energy is contagious and I loved the vibe of her team too! Thank you all for this!!

  11. I feel like someone just shot me…. one of the best workouts I’ve had in a while. Thank you Ms. Reich!

  12. The last circuit’s moves were wayyyy too complicated to be explained that fast. Need more time to get into positions and know whether they’re correct before moving on.

  13. This was a tough workout, but in the best way!!💜 Kit is awesome at explaining the moves and the ending was really lovely. Perfect way to start my day, thank you!!

  14. Not the ideal workout to be done inside your room unless you have a HUGE room for just and leg kicks and stuff of that sort. Other than that I did break a sweat. Thanks

  15. That was great! I loved that the moves were unique and there were no repeats. It definitely was challenging but time flew by! I’m adding this one to my regular rotation for sure!!!

  16. The intensity is welcomed, the "don’t sit down" and "if it doesn’t hurt you aren’t doing it right" not so much.

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