30 Minutes Workout – Virtual Scenery – Treadmill / Exercise Machine (Cotswolds UK) 1080/60fps

30 Minutes Workout – Virtual Scenery – Treadmill / Exercise Machine (Cotswolds UK) 1080/60fps

Treadmill? Exercise bike? Cross trainer? Rowing machine? Flying carpet? Beat the boredom with a virtual tour around the picturesque Hobbit Shires of Gloucester and the Cotswolds, while you work out for a full 30 minutes. SEE NOTES BELOW REGARDING SPEED…
The music was made by me and I acknowledge not to everyone’s tastes, so do feel free to mute and use your own music :o)
(Best enjoyed at full 1080p @ 60 frames per second)

SPEED NOTES: I’ve had some feedback comments regarding the speed of the video not being “realistic” and not accurately representing running or walking. Before publishing, I experimented creating the video at various jogging or cycling speeds, but found with the slower speeds, the visuals got tedious very quickly.

In the end I settled for real-time driving speed which provides sufficient changes of scenery to keep the visuals interesting, bearing in mind most people will be using this video as a distraction from the tedium of exercise anyway. The faster speed also allows you to see much more of the area than you would do at slower speeds. :o)


  1. Hola Rick, este es otro de tus videos que me enriquecen las mañanas, mientras me preparo para empezar el día. Muchas gracias, saludos.

  2. Probably my favorite ride! Especially the ending and not just cuz it was over (ha ha) but because of the beautiful scene at the end! Thank you!

  3. This is the most perfect treadmill video for me. The music is energizing and the speed of the video is just right. I walk a bit slow and the video makes me feel like I’m running it’s fabulous.

  4. While I love the scenery… you are going way too fast for a walking trail…. I am walking 5mph and it feels like I need to hit 6 to keep up with you view

  5. Brilliant mate, I started this a couple of years ago when on lockdown and this was my first video that I rode with everyday. I will be 70 in February. My blood pressure has decreased to approx 55- 60 BPM ( resting) thanks to this video, music is pretty good as well.

  6. Any other videos like this? Was an amazing cycle I just want more of this kind! Beautiful scenery & perfect music to complement it!!!!! Loved every minute of my work out.

  7. I read your comments about making this video and the unrealistic speeds
    But for myself I’ve tried some with realistic speeds and it’s not the same it just doesn’t seem to motivate me and I lost interest very fast

  8. I enjoyed the view, but the trip is too slow. The slow road crossing is infuriating when you are peddling hard.

  9. Thank you from Minnesota! This was a wonderful scenic experience during my stationary bike workout!

  10. My first cycle was today (25/09/21) this has got be the best way of exercising, and seeing different places from around the world

  11. Perfect for a run on the treadmill. Check out our channel to see virtual runnings by the cities of Brazil and see the Brazilian nature.

  12. My first time workout using this video. My husband bought us a simple easy exercise bike and I am just beginning. I enjoyed this video with beautiful scenery and music. It allows me to go at my own speed and intensity. I will be 69 this week and am looking forward to going the distance with this workout.

  13. Works great for the baby when she is fussy! She loves rides and walks and just watches the world around. Now she can watch when she is getting ready to nap!

  14. What an amazing way to go on my two mile morning walk! I love the way the beat of the music guides my speed! I believe I’ve been doing it wrong for over a year since I’ve been strictly listening to “workout music”. I started trying scenic videos but they got boring because they didn’t have music with an uneven beat. The music in this video gives me beauty, the beat, and a few fun words, which helps my balance my speed! I was having so much fun which was so distracting that I went over my morning goal and walked 2 1/2 miles! I feel like I was guided by a trainer! I’m subscribed and will exercise every morning and evening with other the videos by this YouTuber IF they do the same cleaver thing with music. Hint, hint Rick!

  15. please turn off ad’s for this video it ruined it for my work out I do everyday using your videos thanks

  16. Love the scenery, It motivates me to exercise. I always play this while on my treadmill run. Thank you❤️

  17. Thanks God, at 72, I’m still running on my treadmill, 3 times a week, with the help of Rickvanman’s 30 minute video. Way to go!!

  18. Been searching for a lovely bike ride in the countryside its great for my exercising. Thank you 😊😊😊

  19. Show… aqui coloco a velocidade em 0.5, e fica no meu nível….quanto a musica, bom ai eu prefiro as minhas, fone e vídeo em tela cheia espelhado na tv… Show.
    Grato pela postagem 🚲👍🏼

  20. I fully enjoyed using this. It made my ride so much more interesting. I even waved thank you to the car that reversed for me😆. Thank you!

  21. Hello gays, I’m doing some exercises with a appartement bike. I’m from Paris and I’m looking always to find any vidéos like this in the other’s country’s. In this videos the music is good, the towns they are beautiful juste i’ts filmed from a car and you make a stop a lot a times. I can maybe make a cut on your vidéos when you get stoped.
    Anyway Thank you

  22. Dear Rick, the video transports me as if I were in the place, I can even smell the aroma of the countryside and feel the fresh breeze on my face. The music is spectacular and super spiritual, it hits my heart. Thank you for sharing this video and a thousand blessings

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