4 Benefits of Greek Yogurt (and how it compares to plain yogurt)

4 Benefits of Greek Yogurt (and how it compares to plain yogurt)

Greek yogurt has become an increasingly popular food, especially among the health conscious, and is often promoted as a healthier choice than regular yogurt.

Further reading: http://www.healthline.com/nutrition/greek-yogurt-benefits

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  1. My grandad’s sister had a yoghurt maker and made it for breakfast daily since the 1970s. She recently turned 100 and is in great condition.

  2. Much of the Greek style yogurt available in UK supermarkets (e.g. Asda, Morrison’s) often contain less protein per gram than their natural yogurt equivalents. Always check the label.

  3. Yes, I try to eat a good amount of greek yogurt. I have B12 anemia, and I give myself shots monthly, but I still try to eat what I can. Also, protein because of my CFS/ME. Great video c:

  4. Eating Greek plain yoghurt as a snack with honey is also healthy, it is the saturated fat snacks that people should worry about. Don’t eat foods with saturated fat. That simple.

  5. Yogurt is a power food for the Turkic steppingsfolk with horses in the history. Yogurt-Kebab-Baklava-Pide-Hingel/Manti is life for Turks. You can find this food in all Turkic countrys. It is also a Turkish word.

  6. The best greek yogurt to eat is the unsweetened and plain kind. I personally eat a serving of Fage’s 0% plain greek yogurt every morning for breakfast. It has no added sugar, no fat, and it has 18g of protein per serving and one serving is only 90 calories! I add a stevia packet in it and some fruits on top to give it a nice kick. Perfectly healthy snack!


  8. It’s called Greek yogurt in the UK if it’s made in Greece, which a lot of it is. If it’s not made in Greece it has to be called Greek-style yogurt, which is why Chobani went home with its tail between its legs. Most supermarkets sell both sorts and the real stuff is much better.

  9. Greek plain yoghurt is the best, regardless of fat content it is healthy as we need ex amount of fat plus the Greek diet is world renowned as being healthy. So yoghurt for breakfast with oats & berries is a good way to start the day.

  10. Kısa bilgi
    Yoğurt ilk olarar Türkler tarafından bulundu. Hatta yoğurt kelimesi birçok dile Türkçe’den geçmiştir.

  11. It is admirable that Mr. Leech frequently includes screenshots of studies and research in order to corroborate his main points. Well done, Mr. Leech. This is why your subscriber-ship is steadily rising. In addition, that shirt that you have been wearing in recent videos is also responsible for improving viewership.

  12. Caroline Mba ~ I cherished Yogurt, but was shocked that Sodium Benzoate is added to Yogurts marketed in Nigeria, as preservative. Kindly let’s know if Greek yogurts marketd in Nigeria is preserved or not with sodium benzoate. Thanks.

  13. I would have expected the regular yogurt to have more protein content considering the fact that whey – where most of the protein is, is strained out to make greek yogurt.

  14. A quality Greek yogurt is hard to find. There’s only 1 plain whole milk in my local supermarket. Everything else is fat free and full of sugar

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