5 Exercises All Seniors Should Do Daily

5 Exercises All Seniors Should Do Daily

5 Exercises All Seniors Should Do Daily
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Bob & Brad demonstrate 5 exercises that all seniors should do every day. These exercises don’t take long, and they offer three variations of each exercise easy-medium-hard. Find out which exercises work for you and do them everyday to increase your strength.

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  1. I think middle aged/senior people should get on the floor and get up again several times a day someway somehow

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  3. I’m 67yrs old and quite young to do these simple exercises but at least by the time I’m 70 these will be the exercises I will do, meanwhile what I am doing is a bit far more strenous but I enjoy it, what disturbs me is when arthritis attacks my back, so I have to go slow.

  4. Nice. As a Lean, Fit, and Healthy 70 year old, I appreciate your kind focus on my fellow, less fit, seniors.

  5. Bob & Brad too much Talking,
    Why dont you do more Activities than just keep Talking…..???

  6. Bob and Brad, I’m 74. Can you tell me how to improve my body so I can pick things up off the floor more easily. I drop things sometimes, as we call do. In my 20’s, it was zip zip down and up, no problem. Now, my knees and back don’t want to cooperate.

  7. These are very similar to Ed and Elizabeth’s 5 daily exercises. Gives me confidence that all these folks know what they’re doing.

  8. 1,000 videos online of 5 exercises all seniors should do – and all the exercises are DIFFERENT!

  9. I’m also working on my Balance….I’m only 71. Thanks for the exercises greetings from South Africa…

  10. Don’t think I want to waste the time I have left inflicting additional pain on myself. I have already endured a life of pain

  11. you guys are too funny but very helpful. I am 83 with lots of issues but am following all shows, the hammertoe series is really great. Thank you and God bless.

  12. I was wondering if by some chance you have some diagram sheets of the different exercises for seniors to so for different problem areas of their daily living that we could print out to refer to as we take on the task with the hope in mind of doing them regularly . Thank you both for or time and effort. Sharon Arbour.

  13. The scrawny population outstandingly sigh because monday concurringly matter out a exciting exclusive occupation. protective, nappy scallion

  14. You are so charming, cheerful, educational and entertaining. I am 85 yr and I know I should be doing some of these……so I will. The ball behind your back to "lean back" is very important for posture and preventing that "bent over" posture, so great job.Thanks

  15. HOw do seniors get to a 15.5 inch toilet seat height with a squat?? Lower the seat height behind them while doing squat? What about trunk moving forward?

  16. I have a torn rotator cuff and ligament damage to my left arm, and also a very sore right knee, all due to police brutality, 2 years ago Im 69 and 5 months old ,the pain that I have is terrible, would have brought a lawsuit against them, but no lawyer would take my case. Called over 30 lawyers in Pa and none would help.

  17. I am 64 years old. The only exercises I do is cross country ski every day in winter, canoe and backpacking hikes in the summer. Heel raises every day for strong feet and calves…no plantar faciatis.

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