5 Kettlebell Exercises for Weight Loss | Tutorial Tuesday

5 Kettlebell Exercises for Weight Loss | Tutorial Tuesday

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In this video we talk about 5 kettlebell exercises you can use for weight loss. This includes how-to tutorials on how to do the kettlebell swing, how to do the kettlebell snatch, how to do the kettlebell thruster, how to do a kettlebell clean and press, and how to do a kettlebell squat.

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  1. Awesome workout! I am new to kettlebell training and loved this. Please continue with Tutorial Tuesdays". You have definitely added value to my training. Thank you!

  2. Subscribing. I started 1 month ago with 16kg KB and watched other begginers videos. I get barelly sweating and still lost about 3 kilos (originaly 110 kilos). I´m sweating right now after one 15min session and I already know, what I did wrong. Just simple explanation how to do it right, which body part has to do push. I bealive you will make me skinny-ish again, like 95kilos, thats my first goal, 85 is optimal (im 1,9m tall).

  3. What routines would you recommend for someone who wants to lose 60 pounds within four months? Thanks for your help!

  4. I don’t know what his ability to fight is, but I’m not picking a fight with the guy because he looks like a Kung-Fu master.

  5. This was excellent. I’m new to kettle bells. This is a good start. Are the bicep/ tricep type kettle bell exercises?

  6. The choice of exercises is good, those are most of the big important movements. However, there are several mistakes in form in this video (inb4 Crossfit memes). E.g. rack is not compacted on the chest but open to the side/chickenwinged, clean should be done explosively with the mid to lower body only (as little arm muscle involvement as possible; you mention pulling with arm at one point). My eyes hurt when you do the thruster holding the KB as if you hung a sack of potatoes on your back! Instead imagine holding a boxing guard, then punch upwards! Personally, I find the thruster sets alternating with swings to be the most killer combination, and avoid goblet squats. The reason is that if you already have legs trained for endurance and strength through pistols, burpees and hundreds of BW squats, you can squat all day but the grip endurance and wrist integrity are precious resources much better used for swings, carries and other demanding moves. In thruster’s rack squat the KB presses into your palm, so you do not exhaust forearms the same way and so you can squat and press till you faint!

  7. This is really excellent work. It is very much appreciated. Thank you. Looking forward to watching further workouts.

  8. Good but meny mistakes …
    Swing not good,
    No proper tec. in insertion during clean n press
    Racking is not proper
    Thurster … U hav devided in to sqate n press,
    During clean n press , it’s not a strict press…

  9. Great video, what routine would you recommend to burn fat? How many sets of each exercise, how many reps, how long do you rest between reps?

  10. 5 great exercises but you don’t really say if they should all be done on the same day or not, how many days per week should each exercise be done plus how many reps and sets each so if you said all that based on your recommendation your video would be even better.

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  12. Great video! Do you have more kettlebell exercises for weight loss & what are your recommendations for the number of reps & sets? Keep up the great weight. I need to lose 100 pounds.

  13. I habe been doin kettlebell for a month now started wit 10pound should i move up to 15 or 20? Im trying lose fat and build strength . Thanks

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