5 Tips To Getting a Job The Fitness Industry

5 Tips To Getting a Job The Fitness Industry

Tim Muriello, Fitness and Supplement Expert for I’llPumpYouUp.com, gives you 5 tips to getting a career in the fitness industry. These are 5 critical pieces of information that you will need to help you get where you want to be. This is real talk advice.

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  1. I think you don’t need to have muscles to be a personal trainer you need just a good look and fit and learn about little of sport science

  2. Wow I must say that the content shared in here is really amazing and as a result, I have found myself this exercise guide which has helped me big time, Please check it out if you have time and you will never be disappointed: https://amzn.to/3dNz6FN

  3. Hey Tim, great tips from you on getting into the fitness industry. Especially for those of us wanting to be personal trainers. I have an idea you didn’t talk about but I know you may have had that in the back of your mind Tim. And that’s starting a blog dedicated to nutrition and selling supplements off of it. It’s hard work like anything else Tim.

    By the way,thanks for doing that interview with me on my little blog.

    Great informative videos as always Tim.

  4. you’re the man… I’m looking forward to open my supplement store but I need some push to courage myself. .. I’m afraid or don’t know how to do the first steps… This video was helpful. Thanks buddy.

  5. I have an interview for a job in a gym soon. I was wondering if I should shave my beard for a fitness interview?

  6. I used to work for Gold’s Gym it’s a terrible company it a terrible company to work for there don’t do anything about the bullying at this job I do not recommend this place to anybody not even my worst enemy. If you are a new employee and if you don’t understand your boss they will scream much you and they were yell at you

  7. I just got recruited at my gym. I’ve been going there for only 5 months, and recently was asked if I’d be am employee, I agreed and have been working there for a month now. It can be tedious and boring at times when it’s slow, but it’s great!

  8. ONLY TIP TO GETTING A JOB IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY IS HAVE A PULSE, and KISS ALOT OF ASS…. AND PREPARE TO HUSTLE AND BEG AND LIE TO MEMBERS TO GET U TO BUY TRAINING WHICH IS OVERPRICED SO THE COMPANY CAN ROB THE MEMBERS BLIND… thats all u need to know and those are all tips u need if u want to get a job in the fitness industry and learn to hustle and compromise your principles too

  9. may i share you one business , scot herman fitness he have a jop in his gym , and after he done his 8 hour work .. he share some new videos in that gym to YouTube viewers .. so you work plus known + money

  10. Value the videos! Check out some of my stuff if you get a chance. I think the online fitness industry really needs a change and break from the unrealistic standards and unbalanced approach that seems to be the norm nowadays.

  11. I love how the first thing he says is that you need a good physique but He looks like He hasn’t been to he gym in at least a couple months.

  12. I know this video is old now but thanks for making this one. Just started my YouTube channel and Instagram to get myself out there and prove myself. I compete in powerlifting and want to be a personal trainer. This made me realize there’s much more than personal training and now I have a better idea of how to get myself there. Thanks!

  13. can you please upload a video on genuine protein and fake proteins and supplements because now days there are more fake supplement in market so please help

  14. There’s only 1: Be gorgeous or beautiful. They want babes and hunks, they’re looking for people who are pretty. I go to a gym, if I applied for a job at the front desk, they most likely wouldn’t hire me because I’m not "buff".

  15. Iv’e finally declared my major in Exercise science. I’m very excited and I love building my body and learning/teaching about the body. This video was very informative. I really want a career in the fitness industry! Any other advice Tim? 

  16. do you have to get the athletic body first before contacting these major companies or you can start contact them while you still work on the athletic body??….

  17. I’m currently just looking for a gym or warehouse where I can do some odd jobs.  Put me in front of the professionals and in the environment and look for opportunities there.

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