6 Amazing Reasons You Should Eat A Cup Of Greek Yogurt Everyday

6 Amazing Reasons You Should Eat A Cup Of Greek Yogurt Everyday

There are different types of yogurt in the market, but one that has gained huge popularity in recent years is Greek yogurt. What makes Greek yogurt different from other types of yogurt is its nutritional profile. It is full of protein, calcium, probiotics, vitamin B12 and potassium. Also, it contains less lactose than other dairy products.
During the process of making Greek yogurt, excess water, and lactose are drained out. This results in a creamy, rich yogurt with a nice tart taste.
You should eat at-least a cup of nonfat Greek yogurt on a daily basis. No matter how you want to eat Greek yogurt, you’ll reap the benefits of its nutritional profile.

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  2. Healthy Benefits:
    Greek Yogurt
    1. Improves Digestive Health ~ by adding good bacteria & aids in digestion;

    2. Aids in Weight Loss;
    3. Supports Bone Health;
    4. Keeps the Brain Healthy; Add Probiotics which help the brain;
    5. Controls Blood Pressure ~ has the mineral potassium & vitamin B12;
    6. Maintains Oral Health.

  3. They say that greek yogurt is great and honey is very healthy and helpful. I feel like thanos eating greek yogurt with honey every day

  4. I love eating greek yogurt and it’s a month now i can see the difference in my body it’s realy good for everyone I must recommend everyone should take a cup of greek yogurt everyday .Thank you Greek yogurt 🍦

  5. Too much protein and not so much probiotics. The good bacteria is tree times as much in Bulgarian yogurt.

  6. I make mine with full fat milk and cream for proper Greek yoghurt (not like the low fat rubbish you get in the shops).

    For a milder, even creamier yoghurt , add some (more!!)whipped cream after fermenting and straining your yoghurt.

  7. Why keep saying “non fat” … that’s incorrect… you don’t ever choose NON FAT when choosing yogurt… smh

  8. Don’t eat fat free versions, the fat is good for you and usually replaced by sugars/sweeteners

  9. I found out the hard way that you can’t outtrain a bad diet. As soon as I started following the Agoge Diet, I have noticed awesome muscle growth.

  10. I got Greek yogurt from the market and I tried it and it taste like cream cheese it taste pretty disgusting to me and I put strawberries in it and it tastes all right I guess doesn’t really taste the best that’s why I’m watching this the reasons I should eat it

  11. Yogurt is a Turkish word. It is 100% Turkish food. The Greeks stole this food and name.

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