7 Balance Board Exercises – Full Body Workout | Renewal Fitness Coaching

7 Balance Board Exercises – Full Body Workout | Renewal Fitness Coaching

These 7 Balance Board Exercises will train your entire body. Balance board training is great for your core, and helps to improve balance, strength, and foot/ankle strength. It can be used by anyone from athletes wanting to better their performance, to older adults needing to improve their balance for safety and mobility, to the average person wanting a good workout to lose weight and strengthen muscles.

This video will show you how to do 7 wobble board exercises for a total boy workout, though there are many more you can do.
1. Plank
2. Bridge
3. Mountain Climbers
4. Squats
5. Lunges
6. Resistance Band Back Row

You can purchase this board from ProSource here: http://shrsl.com/vkd6 …Use updated code HOLLY10 for 10% off!

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  1. I do the twist on mine! 😂😁 I also do semi squats (can’t go any lower), balance the board in all directions, use the board for pushups. Now I have a couple more to add to the routine.

  2. Hi Holly, great video, thank you for demonstrating the balance board exercises.
    We designed a new 7-in-1 adjustable balance board called the Balance Surfer that can be adjusted from Easy to Extra Challenging. Are you interested in trying it out? I would like to send you a sample. This is a video that shows how it works, thank you for checking it out:

  3. Nice job! I loved the creativity and the invitation for others to use their ideas. I actually build and sell 3 different types of balance boards, but I won’t spam you, just to say you inspired me to broaden my suggestions for a greater variety of exercises.

  4. I really like this video about BALANCE BOARD, here guy learned to balance board from absolute beginner, next after some hours of training he can do interesting tricks on it! https://youtu.be/GjNPdHQoJGs

  5. Very interesting band technique. I’ve not had my Balance board long. Still trying to master it. My 4yr old has fun with it too. Also have some Balance Pods that I’ve not gotten outta the box yet. I’m trying so hard to be motivated about fitness. Oh, an thanks for the towel tip. An isn’t it cheating to grab the board? An love helping my child grow. Thank you an God bless!

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