7 Foods You Should NEVER Eat If You Have Arthritis (R.A)/Fibromyalgia – REAL Patient

7 Foods You Should NEVER Eat If You Have Arthritis (R.A)/Fibromyalgia – REAL Patient

“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present 7 Foods You Should NEVER Eat If You Have Arthritis/Fibromyalgia – REAL Patient




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  1. There are substances for non dairy products, they may be hard to find especially for cheeses‼️
    Silk brands are what I use ( almond/ vanilla flavor ) , Swiss cheese is another substitute and friendly to kidneys❣️
    No sulfur drugs which are harmful to kidneys too⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ 12-7-2021

  2. I had my DNA done. Found I am a slow carb metabolizer, gluten intolerant lactose intolerant and legume sensitive. I was doing keto and carnivore for the past four years. What the DNA did was to stop me from guessing and made a precise diet for me. I feel great at 72.

  3. I don’t think eating a lot of little meals is recommended any longer I think they have found that just keeps your blood sugar high.

  4. It’s very important to say a very big thank you to DR ONO on YOUTUBE for using his natural herbal Medications to cure my Arthritis permanently

  5. Ugh, the first problem with her "first-hand" experience came when she said "within 15 minutes" of introducing a food back in her hands would start aching again. Does anyone know how long it takes for the body to process and absorb nutrients after eating? Um, longer than 15 minutes. Unless you are doing a sublingual medication.

  6. When my child had health issues arise at the age of 2, we went gluten and dairy free. It helped both of us. This was 19 years ago! I agree about the importance of food. Did the food elimination diet as suggested by a Naturopath Doctor and regular doctor. Acupuncturist was first to suggest going dairy free, and it helped relieve eczema and asthma. So much inflammation we did not know was caused by foods.

  7. Everybody does it differently. I do a whole food plant based diet. Works for me. You have to do what is right for you. I choose to be vegan and not use oil because it works for me.

  8. These are some of the food groups she mentioned.

    Processed sugars and processed foods

  9. Everything but the pasta is great alt

    I too can feel it very quickly.
    Love potatoes added them back twice recently. ( have insomnia issues only carbs help sometimes.to sleep. )
    And it did not go well !

  10. I absolutely can’t eat legumes, shared with my sister and after she did a couple month trial of no legumes she tried them and discovered they cause her pain also.

  11. Please Stop ACTING like YOU are THE Advisors……..LET THOSE WHO EXPERIENCE and KNOW the "stuff"…………..Drop the MIC, BOB!!!

  12. Isn’t it wonderful that she can afford all organic foods. Some people just struggle to put food on the table. What would be useful is foods for poorer folks.

  13. Thanks for sharing. Her personal story based on her unique health challenges: No to: potatoes(not sweet potatoes), rice, dairy especially cheese, grain, wheat, sugar(added sugars refined processed foods) grains…
    Thank me later😊

  14. I have cured my Rheumatoid Arthritis by eliminating grains (all), potatoes, avoiding high glycemic foods and not freaking out about good fats. No more Humira for me! I’m pain free.

  15. My only issue with bean pastas is gas. Man… if beans are the magical fruit, bean pastas are Merlin’s orchard.

  16. Nightshade vegetables – tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers. I would not feed them to any elderly people or even children. Inflamm-aging toxic foods. Avoid them just to keep as young as you can for as long as possible.

  17. Bob u need to speak clearly – – rush ur words & they slur – – very difficult to follow what u r saying 🤐😏

  18. The thing is the medics keep altering what is good or bad for you that’s why I question all this well meaning info.
    My wife had RA for 38 years and nothing really worked including toxic prescribed medicine unfortunately

  19. I tried protein bars with basic ingredients and they hurt my hands. This makes me sad because I work out in the field and it was easy to use for lunch. So now I need to find a way to bring meat for lunch. Arg

  20. KETO and intermittent fasting is the way to go. Snacking or small meals a day is the WORST thing you can do especially for weight management, RA, and all overall health. Have Dr Eckberg or Eric Berg on for some real information. Dr Jason Junk is an amazing doctor/nutritionist. Thomas Siegfried…cancer is a metabolic disease researcher. LOOK THEM UP!l

  21. Its insulin levels and glucose in the blood levels causing the problem MAINLY IMO. (not processed/organic etc). She was probably pre diabetic and couldn’t handle high blood sugar.

    The most HYPOALLERGENIC food possible is ruminant meat – beef, lamb, is deer a ruminant?. Eat ruminant meat ONLY and it gets rid of RA, psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis, lupus and more. But you need to eat a lot of fat (homemade ghee or beef fat) to make up the calories lost from carbs – too much protein is hard for the body to handle.

    Jordan Peterson does ruminant only to get rid of his psoriasis. His daughter Mikhaila Peterson is a very good source of info. And "Low Carb Down Under" YouTube also very good.

    All best …

  22. I have autoimmune disease & so I have to ONLY eat GRASS FED meat only as the grain fed meat means that you are getting the effects of the grain in your food & so I will have a reaction. There is also nothing wrong with fat on meat or chicken. Your body needs fat!!

  23. For what it is worth this is my experience of controlling or stopping hey fever, arthritis, gouty arthritis, headaches, migraine, also I lost 30 lbs of body weight in five months. The big bonus is no YoYo effect, I have not put any of those 30lbs back on. I stopped eating sugar. all milk products, and any food containing lectins. To understand lectins what they do to the body and the mind go to Dr Dundry’s website and videos on YouTube. You’ll find a full list of all the foods with lectins to avoid and what you can safely eat. Most people I speak to about lectins find it a difficult stretch to make the necessary changes. I did not find it a stretch simply because I understood that lectins and sugar were literally poisoning my body. I did not need any more persuading. I do not know what the oestrogen issue for women is, but certainly, for me a man, once I was over 40, the oestrogen in all milk products and any genuinely lectin-free healthy lightly processed foods caused my body to store fat and blocked me from losing that fat. Year on year my weight steadily increased and arthritic gout simply got worse. Dr Gundry explains what oestrogen is designed to do and why men should avoid it. Therefore, understanding that, I stopped all milk products and lost 30lbs. The whole story is not just milk products, my weight loss and end of hey fever, arthritis and gouty arthritis headaches and migraine, and more is a combination of no oestrogen, no sugar and no foods containing lectins. Dr Gundry explains that plants produce lectins so animals do not eat them. The problem is humans follow the nutrients those plants contain and find ways to override the content of poison lectin. Lectins may not kill us outright but my opinion is they certainly damaged my health and quality of life. I made my choice because thanks largely to Dr Gundry I understood what so-called healthy food were really doing to my body.

  24. Moringa curemy arttitis is a fruit but Amazon’s sale pills and powder cure my artritis I can’t walk before now I can run

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