7-minute workout routine

7-minute workout routine

Researchers at the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, FL, found that a high-intensity circuit training (HICT) routine is the most effective way to workout. This program uses a series of 12 exercises done over the course of approximately 7 minutes. Michael Bultman of CrossFit NYC performs the circuit for you to follow along at home.

Produced by Kevin Reilly. Additional camera by Maya Dangerfield. Animations by Gene Kim. Special thanks to Michael Bultman and CrossFit NYC.

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  1. I really like doing this workout. No talking. No cheesy music. Just a straight workout. Definitely need to do it two or three times to feel the benefits.

  2. Tech Insider: you changed the settings to allow ads to run during this video now?? What sense does that make in a short HIIT workout where the impact is gained by keeping the rests between sets short not, standing around watching a 30 second video you can’t skip (after already watching two at the header of the video before the workout began). Are you really THAT greedy??

  3. I’m not doing gym class for school and I noticed I was gaining unhealthy pounds. I’m normally playing lots of sports but those were all canceled thanks to corona. This will hopefully keep me in shape for the coming school year so I won’t be in the child obesity studies at my school 🙂

  4. Love the routine and that I am back at it, BUT they’re now running ads in the middle. Not that I didn’t enjoy the extras rest mind you…

  5. I hope that Tech Insider will remove the ads that show up in the middle of the work-out. I’ve used this video hundreds of times, but these new mid-video ads render it all but useless.

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  7. Great workout but you have to change your settings so ads DON’T run in the middle of the it. Kind of defeats the whole purpose.

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  9. Super great workout 🏋️ but just missin the last part for the side plank on the other side. Otherwise it’s greaaaaaaat!! 😜

  10. If you hate the ads that they’ve put in the video, then fast forward the video almost to the end and let it play out normally, then press the rewatch icon and then you can do the workout without the ads.

  11. Please get rid of the ads in between the video. What’s the point of having a HIIT with interruptions? Viewers will definitely go down if this stays on.

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  15. I followed this workout in the past and it was the best week of my life because my body ached in a good way lol I was a newbie. im still a newbie and now I want this workout to start working out again before starting more intense workouts.

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  18. I’ve seen a lot of planks and I’d say he is not in the correct position (like his pushups); his butt is too high.

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  23. My weight is around 115kgs i.e around 255 lbs By doing this work out in how much time I can loose around 40 kgs i.e 88-90 lbs?

  24. I used to do this with the video running on screen .. 30 sec rest interval and all…
    Now due to increasing ads and double ads .. I get many rest intervals … Now it’s easy to do this routine .. Thanks for the ads…

  25. Great 7min, been doing it during quarantine time, started with enough to get by in March, now almost half way along with video, any experience of doing it for 6mo or 1year? Any significant progress?

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